What else am I missing?

I have never had smart water before this week and I am continually finding new little surprises on the bottle (I think the cost of the bottle is $1.49....forget the water inside!). Not to mention that they do not use capital letters.......which is kind of odd!

A little fish is on the inside (can't be seen from the outside) and it says "spring water is for swimming, smartwater is for drinking"
"enjoy the inside, recycle the outside"

Anyways, lunch was a whole wheat sandwich with buffalo chicken, swiss cheese, lettuce, red peps, black olives and tomatoes. The buffalo chicken gave it a bit of a kick, but I rather liked it! (even though I am a baby when it comes to "spiciness")
Then I went to Target! :D (**Big Smiles**) I ended up getting 2 short sleeved summery shirts. I realized that most of my closet is full of sweaters and what not; which contradicts the 94 degrees temperature we are experiencing now-a-days! I also found a free coupon for a 20oz Bottle of Dr.Pepper that I recieved some time ago so I figured I would use it up! That's an interesting pic.....makes it look like a wierd cup!?
Verdict: The pasta was tender and the filling (while it could have been fuller) had a delightful pumpkin flavor. The asparagus were plentiful and a great texture, but the butternut squash cubes were way too mushy. There were also 3 extremely random little apple cubes!? The sauce needs to be thicker and had an unappealing oil suspended throughout the wateriness. It was not bad, but not perfect! I think it needs, yet another, makeover!
AN APPLE was consumed at some point this night!
I then had 1 cup of Quaker Oatmeal Squares! YUM! I forgot how good this cereal is! And it has the goodness of oats.....in a cereal form! And if you know me, I CAN'T turn down any cereal.
And Alexa and I are about to enjoy these little babies!
Smart Ones Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Sundae
Can I get a "Holy Yum?!"

Tommorrow morning, I plan on shoving in a morning workout (lol) and then Alexa and I are going to Starbucks to study study study! The rest of the day holds laundry, more studying and who knows what!
I will be driving home on May 5th! It is fast approaching! :D
I just ate some sweet and salty Chex Mix b/c
A. I should have known I am not the type of person who can survive off of a 300 calorie dinner.....
B. It's Exam Week coming up! EEEK! J/k I am going to try to eat HEALTHY this week! It's the best medicine! ;)


  1. Yum-O!

    I love the creepy Smartwater bottles :)

  2. Oatmeal squares are the BEST!

  3. Oh wow, I never had Smartwater before, but I think the bottle is neat!!! LOL

  4. I think there should be a cereal-lovers club, you'd totally be the president. Haha! Nothing like a classic ole' bowl of cereal though. Always a winner :)

    I hope you don't stress yourself out too much studying! Good luck on your tests I'm sure you'll do awesome!

    Love, Meg

  5. I've never tried smart water before but what a fun bottle!

  6. I drink a bottle of smartwater EVERY day. I love the stuff!! It's great how they use evaporated, pure water with electrolytes! It's such a refreshing water!

    Quaker Oatmeal squares are one of my favorite cereals! I little bit sugary and higher in calories, but SO healthy and delicious if you watch the portions!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Your's is great too! Hope you keep in touch :D

  7. I LOVE target - wish we had it here! Your dessert looks fab!

  8. I could not survive off a 300 calorie dinner either! I'd be stuck with a cases of the munchies after that!

    Hope you get lots of work done at Starbucks tomorrow. Try not to OD on the coffee!!

  9. Cool! So many new products :)

    That DDP (diet dr pepper, lol) really does look like a weird cup!

  10. i loooove smart water :) i think it tastes better than normal water too

  11. Alright, it's official. I have to try one of these sundaes haha :)

  12. I just love finding funny stuff on bottles, they always have little sayings and things that are hidden. I have never noticed that on the smart water bottles, though!

  13. I love Smart Water! It just goes down so much better :)

  14. hehe, i remember the first time i saw that little fish. it did kinda make my day. but i try not to buy the plastic bottles anymore.

    i love that julia louie dreyfus is the spokesperson for healthy choice

  15. love the smartwater bottle! The pumpkin dinner looks/sounds delicious- I tried one healthy choice meal which I hated so it put me off others. Amy's rocks my kitchen, lol!

    Have a great weekend :D

  16. WHOOOO may 5th right around the corner yeaaaahhh budddy


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