Check out this masterpiece:

About 1/4 of a frozen/chopped banana (all that I could cram in here!) within the lucious confines of Yoplait Light Cinnamon Roll. Oh baby... Review TIME!!
EVOL Burritos
Let's See Here: Vegan, All Natural, 9g Protein, 5g Fiber, Made From Scratch, Veggie-licious...
Cool, Modern Packaging (lol), 70% Organic, Intriguing Name (Good Marketing Team, I guess...)
I love their instructions and what not...COOK ME SUPER FAST! Of course, I had to take this route because I don't have an oven, frying pan, etc. *tear*
If you do have a panini, oven or frying pan, "You have options"! I can't even imagine how good this baby would taste after popping out of the piping hot oven...Dare to dream.

After a few minutes in the Microwave, I perched it atop a bed of romaine (per usual, when it comes to frozen burritos) and dug in. Well, hello. Okay, so I will admit that the tortilla gets a little tough in some places and a little soft in other places (like ALWAYS when you microwave a burrito); but I am not taking off any "points", per say, because that is just a fact of nature...
The tortilla is great. It just has a different taste/texture than what is expected from your typical frozen burrito and I didn't let any of it go to waste (the hard parts were actually good...crispy, if you will). The filling had a great flavor that was very thorough and provided a little southwestern flair. The crunchy corn, aldente rice and smooth black beans made for the perfect filling. The filling was not overflowing; but was just the right amount.
Overall, I would say that I LOVE EVOL burritos. I think that is the point their marketers were attempting to make...

Rory: It's a Friday night. We should be out, I don't know, partying with the homies.

Lorelai: Our Stars Hollow Homies are all in bed by now.


  1. Your yogurt combo looks delicious! So do the burritos--yum :) I love the idea of putting it on salad

  2. I could eat burritos all.day.long. I like them cold though! I recommend cooking it for a little less than it suggests (mine always burst!) and sticking in the fridge for a few hourse. So good!

  3. The burrito looks good. Not that I could find one here, but where did you buy them, out of curiousity?

  4. I thoroughly enjoy your random additions of Gilmore Girls quotes. Just so you know.

  5. not the all too important question - can these burritos rival Amy's?! ohhhhhhh.. tough call!

  6. So glad you posted this. I just saw these in the grocery store and wanted to try them. Thx!

  7. Those burritos look delish! haha I love when products have "fun" directions and packaging.

  8. Loved the review, although I can't get one here, I still enjoyed reading. :)


  9. I think stop & shop just got some of those babies so I will be stocking up :D

  10. great reviews girlie!! I love it all! Booyah for the discount..I may have to check that out.

    Hope you have a great day!

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    Thank you,


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