Full Speed Ahead

I am multi-tasking like no other right now! I have to be at a meeting in T-minus 1 hour, I have a math quiz tomorrow and need to study very badly, I have loads of Math Homework that is taking over and ... here I am blogging! Well, I was actually uploadding pics as I did my math homework. And now I am sporadically typing and well, multitasking. Gotta love it...

...my breakfast from yesterday that is. Microwaved eggs with 1/2 a wedge of LC and broccoli. Whole Wheat toast and the remaining LC made for a lovely pairing. BTW, I don't like cheese in my eggs. It's official! Then I broke out this bad boy: Folgers French Vanilla. MMM! The best cup EVER is always from a fresh container! :D
Apparently my little makeshift breakfast wasn't doing it for me, so I whipped out the ever so tasty Kashi Pumpkin Spice Flax Granola Bar! :D
Whole wheat wrap with black beans, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. In a bowl because the tortilla was ripping and it was just making a mess! ....plus, I just like to be different! ;)
OH Baby! Penny's Low Fat Desserts White Chocolate Cranberry Cookie with nanners in the middle.
MMMM hmm!
It might as well have been ice cream! haha ENTER MY GIVEAWAY here!
Hey, how'd these sweet little rascals sneak in here....
Some savory little rascals!
Carrots and Hummus. Doesn't get much better...
Late night Kevacinno = one happppy girl! :D
Follow that up with a pbj made with Arnie himself and you have pretty much everything that I ate yesterday!

Can you read that? Bad lighting, but it is a slogan from a bar that I recently bought. I haven't tried it yet, but (as you can see..maybe...) we are already off to a great start! :)
I can't get away from them....or maybe, they just can't get away from me?!
This cookie makes me think of Thanksgiving...19 days!! I just devoured the remaining of my hummus...like a proper lady, of course! :)
Time to run! I can't catch up...


  1. Yum on that Thanksgiving cookie!
    And haha, they totally stole your tagline!

  2. you are seriously the poster child for Penny's and I love it! they should totally hire you as their profess taste tester ;)

    good luck on all your work, love!

  3. Haha, multitasking is very effective :D

    I am SO having carrots cut that way with hummus. It's like chips!!
    <3 jess

  4. Carrots and hummus = love
    I can relate to your problem... it's 6 o'clock in the morning here and I'm blogging. I have an exam week next week, and I'm blogging... I'll be blogging after school, after dinner... always. But when will I study? Who knows...

  5. Ok, I was reading and thinking about how much I love those pumpkin flax bars and them BOOM the pic of your dogs and I completely forgot that I was drooling over the snack bar. They are so cute!

  6. You don't like cheesy eggs? Crazy lady!


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