Cherry on Top

I broke out the scarf today...it was time...I love winter. Then again, I love summer too. As a matter of fact, I ate a cone of gelato today while walking home from the student center with my roommate. Yea, people looked at me like I was nuts...I like ice cream.
The weather can't take that away from me! ;)
So I have been having way too much fun with Oroweat/Arnold's Sandwich Thins lately.

I go off and on with these guys. One week I am craving them and the next I just want a traditional sammie on some soft whole wheat bread. This week was an Arnie's week!

1/2 of a sweet potato mashed with a Laughing Cow Light Cheese Wedge.
This seems so simple, but it's just so gosh darn good. TRY IT! :D

My next culprit was the good ole' PBJ! I wonder if I will still adore these as much when I graduate from college life?! I guess I still have a few more years to figure that out!
I spy an apricot in the background...
Experiment with something other than grape or strawberry jelly/preserves!
Dream with me here, folks!
Sunshine Burger (love! so simple, yet so delicious!) on a toasty arnie
(I hope you don't mind that I totally gave
Arnold's Sandwich Thins a new name...it's much catchier, no?!).
The king of all carrots made an appearance too.
The other half of my sweet potato went diving into some Spicy Amy's Chili. This chili will leave a little tingle in your throat and clear up your sinuses; but you extreme foodies out there might not think it's hot enough! Good though. Very good.

Tastes like it's been stewing in the crockpot all day...

Pre-washed microwave sweet potato...I used to look at these things and laugh (bulk sweet taters are much cheaper...usually one pound costs the same as one of these prewrapped ones).
However, if you try to wash a sweet potato in your one and only sink (in the bathroom), you get some strange looks. :)
Nestle Chocolate Caramel Hot Chocolate...not really all that great...
Chocolate Brownie ZBar = CHOCOLATE fix. :D

I am getting ready to head out to get pizza with some friends! MMM...good food never fails to put a smile on my face. This weekend will be a mad house with the football game Saturday night and studying for my 2 hardest midterms. I'll make time for blogging though...I have to eat right?! YEP! (which includes the KEVA that I have planned for tomorrow...I ♥ Keva Juice! Have I said that before?).
Are you ready for
some football?
(which is simply the cherry
on top of loads of homework...).
Click here to find out!
Giveaway time...you know what to do...CLICK
ALSO, head over to pb&jenny because while, yes, she's hosting a giveaway...she's also just a gosh darn cutie!


  1. Mmmm! I heart all of your eats! I wish I could find those "arnies" (Yes, much catchier!) around here. Bummer! The sweet potato/LCL combo sounds fab. Must try it asap!

    Cute you look fab in the first pic! :D

  2. I totally do not give up ice cream when it gets cold out. I don't notice any strange looks but maybe I am just too busy enjoying my ice cream to notice :)

  3. you are every dudes dream girl! Gingie always tries to convert me to a football fan..to no avail :)

    sammie thins, how I love youuuuu

  4. For some reason - Chocolate Brownie Zbars and I just are not kosher. I love all the other flavors, but those make me gag! lol.

  5. Enjoy the pizza+football, girl! And enjoy the keva juice!! :)

    Love your arnies! Mmmm, that name is adorable too!
    <3 jess

  6. I don't think it's possible to have too many thins... I love all your ideas!


  7. you are seriously a cutie if you don't mind me saying

  8. I am giggling at "arnie". What a great nickname for the bread!

    Great blog :)

  9. My daughter can eat icecream all year round too - love the scarf! :D

  10. hey girl! thanks for stopping by my blog! i am so glad to have discovered yours as well :) all of your eats look delish- i have yet to try the infamous arnies, but i def need to make it a point to do so. asap! have a fab weekend!

  11. yumm those sammie look great! I have been on an arnold thin kick recently too! they make the best sandwiches!! they are so soft and flavorful

    great idea with the sweet potato!

  12. What a fabulous idea putting sweet potato and LC into an arnold thin!! I looks so yummy and comforting...i can imagine how tasty it is already. :)

  13. oh man I need to try a sweet potato sammie asap!! they look delicious.


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