It's officially FALL!

This morning, I whipped up a homemade latte and grabbed a Zbar, preparing to obliviously step out into the chilly and rainy morning (Goodbye hair) @ 7:59AM (I was fashionably late!) in shorts because the weather man lied to me and told me it was going to be hot and sunny outside...pshhh!

Then again, where I grew up, you only have about 1 week out of the year that you can't wear shorts...
To tell you the truth, I think I was the only one wearing shorts today...wimps!
Lunch consisted of a salad with almonds and all of the colors of the rainbow...oh and some last minute decision Sun Chips. They were good. Really Good.
Almond M&M's...not having to trek downstairs to get them means that they get the best of me in my munchy-study mindset!
Wheat Thins are crack. Period. Although, one good thing is that the reduced fat taste just like the original, so at least you don't have to FEEL quite as bad for eating too many! haha

WHY Snackrifice?
PB&J on some nasty bread. I will give you a full review ASAP!
It's the oddest wheat bread I have ever eaten...in a not so great way!
Okay, on to the good stuff. Dreyer's Slow Churned Pumpkin Ice Cream. It's officially fall! If you have never had it then:
A. ***Shakes head in disbelief***
B. Click here to read my review from LAST year! :D
Here's a quick recap of what goes on in that bright orange tub. It LITERALLY tastes like someone took a piece of pumpkin pie (crust and all), blended it with whipped cream and froze it. Period. This is the best ice cream I have ever eaten. Go buy it!

Giveaways are taking over so after you CLICK HERE and enter mine, check out what all of these ladies are dishin' out...
Tomorrow is Ketchup....I mean Catch Up day! I see a KEVA in my future! ;)


  1. Pumpkin ice cream!! Yum!! Haha I remember having pumpkin ice cream last year, and it was sooo good. Like Fall in ice cream form :D

  2. Best ice cream everrrr. I'm still on the lookout for the slowchurned. I've only found the regular!

  3. I so want to try that pumpkin ice cream. I wish our commissary would carry it for the holidays.

  4. Ugh, I wish I could wear shorts that often! No such luck ...

  5. Linked back!


  6. Way to rock the shorts despite the weather ;) mmm I still haven't tried that pumpkin ice cream- sounds so delicious! Hope you're getting all your catching up done! Thats what I use my Wednesdays for too!

  7. oh the weather man gets me everytime. The other day I wore my rain boots to school because he said that it was going to be rainy -- but alas, it was clear and sunny and I looked like a complete FOOLIO. not cool, not cool at all.

  8. I had no idea Bryer's made a pumpkin ice cream!! I bet it doesn't even come close to the great taste of mine :) haha, no it probably does.
    I wore flip flops outside today and kind of felt dumb, but hey, I can't part with them, it's hard!

  9. You're in Texas, huh? I can tell by the fact that you're dealing with RIDICULOUS weather. Cold/hot/cold/hot. No in betweens!

    And yes! That pumpkin ice cream is the best one I've ever had : )


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