Supply and Demand...Foodie Style

IT's FRIDAY! Folks, I have been waiting for this day for quite some time! I gave my last speech today over my aforementioned topic and it went well (thankfully). Now, this is going to be one rockin' weekend because this little blogger is JETTING home (quite literally) on monday afternoon! However, until then, there are LOTS of things to do (I won't bore you with specifics! haha). Then again, I've got lots of good eats to share with you...and more to come, so let's get on to the good stuff:

Kashi Waffle + Frozen Banana + Peanut Butttter = Crunchy, Cool, Creamy...FANTASTIC! :D Kashi TLC Trail Mix Bar, I'm sorry to have betrayed you. See, for some reason, I saw this bar as just an ordinary, typical bar and would always reach for something with a "flashier" name (Pumpkin PIE Bar, anyone?). However, there is truly something special about this tasty creation!
M & M's can make a HECTIC to-do list seem alot better! ;)
I doctored up the pre-made spinach salad that is offered in the dorms (perhaps I should change my major becuase I make for a fineee doctor!) with a big scoop of Sabra Red Pepper Hummus. Between the creamy, flavorful hummus and smooth egg yolks...dressing was not required!
Microwave some Egg Beaters with some shredded spinach and stuff it into a pita. This will most definitely become a regular addition!
Nutritious, Delicious and QUICK & FILLING!

LOOOOOOOK @ what I stumbled upon in the "Convenience store" type place in my dorms. :O
You would have thought I struck gold. See, typically they offer Froot Loops or Pops! Cereal, so when I saw that these little guys had joined the mix, I basically piled as many into my hands a possible...and then Alexa followed suit! haha Hopefully, by buying these, the school will see the DEMAND and increase the SUPPLY! :D

No, economics isn't my major...I'm a doctor...remember?! ;)
Here's a little Penny's Low Fat Desserts Action for your pleasure:
I may or may not have eaten 2 a day for the past 3 or so days...Shhh...keep it on the DL!

Almond Poppy Seed Muffin Top
Love at First BITE!
FLUFFFFFY! (I used to have a teddy bear named Fluffy and he even got his own seat on the airplane one Christmas when we were flying to my Grandpa's house! haha This was before the era of overly packed planes and skyrocketing prices...).
Chocolate Chip Cookie with Chunky Peanut Butter up top!
Wouldn't you like to sink your teeth into that!? MMM hmm! Don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY for Penny's tasty treats! I am also hosting a giveaway through my other blog. Che-che-che-check it!!
I will announce both winners on Monday before I depart into the bright blue sky!
(It better be bright blue!!!).

~Typical Friday Sammie~

And now, for a little paragraph full of LOTS of goodness!

Leslie Loves Veggies and I am LOVING the looks of winning this soda! :D ALSO, don't forget to check out my fellow schnauzer friend's giveaway! An Apple A Day is having a SOUP giveaway! Comforting! :) What's more? Lucky Taste Buds wants to share her luck with you! Enter her birthday giveaway HERE by entering her totally awesome Soda Stream Giveaway and her Peanutttty Giveaway! Enjoy! We've got another birthday girl (Melissa!) and she is generously sharing some goodies with you too!


  1. i having been always wondering about a frozen banana, is it good?!
    omg i love those lil kashi cups! i am so lucky we have them at my caf at school!

  2. It's almost schnauzer time for you!

  3. Love your Friday sandwich. M&M's are always a great source of fun in my book.


  4. I love the Kashi loving in this post. Happy holidays!

  5. Have a safe flight home and enjoy your time with family. Nice that you located some good cereal cups.

  6. i love those individualized kashi cereals! & that kashi trail mix bar

    have a great weekend


  7. Congrats on being done with your speech! The eats looks great, especially that egg pita!

  8. haha I am such a sucker for the indulgent names.. I was 2 seconds away from buying 20 dollar "hot fudge brownie" protein powder today. then I realize, I never use protein powder.. it just sounded so good!

    Happy weekend, dollface!!

  9. Ooh that's awesome you get to go home on Monday! I have to wait til Wednesday night. That waffle combo looks great, and yay for serving size healthy cereals! Your Penny's goodies always look so good. Have a great weekend!

  10. Those muffins look sooooo good! I am a sucker for lemon poppyseed.

  11. YAY for going home soon! Enjoy your time and relax too!

    I NEED to buy some Penny's. Yes, need ;)

    <3 jess

  12. mmm yes I would love to sink my teeth into EVERYTHING!!!

  13. i love that waffle combo!! have a great time at home girl


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