White Chocolate Banana PB Oats

Okay, so the white chocolate wasn't exactly IN the oats, but it sure does sound good, doesn't it?!

Where has this foodie been the past year week? Well, you see, I have not been having the most exciting of eats during my very busy food science-y life! ;) However, in TEN DAYS, that will be a different story. Yes, in 10 fabulous days, I will be flying home for Thanksgiving (Turkey Lurkey!) after announcing one of you as the winner of my Penny-licious Giveaway! Wooooot! 10, 9, 8, 7....

I have been having lots of PBJ sammies...stereotypical......LOTS....
P.s. That is Smucker’s Low Sugar Concord Grape Jelly.
I have never tried this stuff before, but I really like it.
It spreads so easily! No Complaints on this front! :D
I also had this salad at some point since we last talked and it pretty much rocked my socks!

My advisor gave me a bag of candy...unfortunately, Alexa and I devoured the Hershey's Special Dark and now it's all gone...I had to down-grade to a Mr. Goodbar tonight. Geee!

My most recent microwave scramble found its way onto a crispy Kashi Heart to Heart Waffle...Quite the delicious, and OH SO EASY, open faced sandwich!
Look at that mountain of fluffy goodness!
Penny's Low Fat Desserts White Chocolate Cranberry Cookie...I tried to capture ALLLLL of the white chocolate goodness and it was impossible...
...So I just went on eating! haha
Eat some yourself by using the discount code EWTEX for 10% off and get free shipping until Nov. 13th!
Also, Enter my Giveaway (and tell all of your family, friends, dogs, cats, gerbils...about it!)
No Description Needed! I'm off to go do some homework and start up my to-do list for this weekend...I may need a couple sheets...

I NEED to win this! Who knew MaraNatha made that deliciousness?!
Stonyfield Giveaway!


  1. I cant believe thanksgiving is so close, thank god!

  2. Those sammies look delicious! And I can't wait to go home for Thanksgiving, either. Yay!

  3. Your post definitely got my attention :D Sounds delicious!

    YAYYYY for heading home soon. That's so exciting! This year is going by sooo fast!
    <3 jess

  4. i love how you can make me drool with something as simple as a PBJ. fantastic!

  5. i am all into pb and J again, summer makes me just want my typical childhood favorite that still taste nice after all this heat

  6. That cookie looks delicious!! I'm so jealous.

  7. yummm!!! I love how you said the scramble found its way to the wafflee...they were just destined to be together!!

    everything looks so nutriciously delicious (haha)

    I cant wait to hear the pennys winner! I hope its meeeeee :)

  8. Those look like the BEST peanut butter and jelly sandwiches ever. What kind of jelly do you use?

  9. I wish we had Thanksgiving in the UK!

  10. I was just thinking the same thing as Hannah above. The sandwich is the best PB & J ever, though being British I say Jam, to me Jelly is the wobbly desert you eat with ice cream or in a trifle.


  11. yay for going home for thanksgiving! & that pb & j looks deliciousss.


  12. Hooray! Thanks so much for visiting my site and entering! It sssoo made my day! And fyi that dark chocolate almond butter is delish! =) PBJs are always sssoo tasty! and that cookie looks fabulous! I so hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!

  13. PB and J looks delish right now. I already had eggs for dinner. I am sick so Ryan made me "breakfast" in bed.

  14. dare I say your PB&J sammies rival my momma's! (don't tell her I said that, k?! thanks)

    love to you honeybear!

  15. PB&J sammies are always exciting to me!


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