So what happens when a foodie doesn't post for 3 days? Well, he or she (she, in this case...haha) has a massive post to do! So in reality...does it make sense to skip days because you’re out of time? Because a true foodie wants to share all of their foodie love...so they end up stocking up on tasty pics and spending just as much time shoving it all into one big daddy post as they would have on the three posts that they skipped...! Confusing? Just making sure that your cognitive thinking skills are up to par for this weekend!

Nevertheless, I was super duper busy the past three days (click here to read more about that!). Let's move on to the FOOOOOD! :D

The holiday’s are coming up and I need to share a secret with you...

Penny’s Low Fat Desserts Chocolate Truffle Cookie tastes like fudge (or a truffle…go figure!) when eaten straight from the freezer. This might save your waistline this season…?!
Not to mention that it is only 100 calories and made with the same sugar substitutes that are in Truvia (my fave!). Any diabetics out there? You can get in on this action too!
One last mouthwatering look…
Is that a Kevaccino from Keva Juice?!
NOPE! It’s a SMASHING PUMPKIN and it rocksss! :D
I ♥ Keva Juice.
Country Choice Organic Vanilla Wafers
They were a delicious start (and finish) to my poster making journey that I embarked upon for my speech that I gave today (98! Chea!).
Crunchy, Perfectly Sweet, Addictive…. Check out those chocolate ice cream cups!
Where do I find those?! ;)

“Today I would like to enlighten you on the difference between ice cream, gelato and frozen yogurt, highlighting each of their unique histories and compositions.”
Grilled Sammy Whammy! That’s buffalo chicken going on right there…spicay!
Arguably one of my favorite Yoplait flavors….
Strawberry Orange Sunrise

I have one crafty momma!
And yes, that was me as a child (not literally…that’s from a magazine! haha).
Forget the candy, where’s the life cereal…I’ll eat the whole box! ♥

Don’t get me wrong…I still like candy! ‘Tis the season, I guess?!
While we’re on the subject of arguing…arguably one of the best halloween candiessomething about the mini-ness...
(Chemistry in the background…per usual!)

A simply beautiful gala!

What’s going on this weekend, friends? Are you going to be oh so super cool (like muah) and hunker down with your books, notes and all of the coffee that you can find? Make sure you take a break on Saturday and root on your FB team! :D
My midterms are HERE! This upcoming week and the next are going to eat me alive…
stay tuned!
Oh yea...I won some candyliciousness thanks to Taylor! That'll start your weekend off right...
Want to increase your chances of getting lucky?...

  1. Get some KRACKERS! :D
  2. Want to win some "Favorite things?!" I DO!! Click here.
  3. Coconut Water...This has always intrigued me!
  4. BAHHH...Barney Butter! :D HERE!
  5. SPREAD the nut butter love!! HERE!


  1. Yummmm that pumpkin keva looks awesome!

    Congrats on winning the giveaway!

  2. You always have links to the best giveaways :)

    Good luck on your midterms & your studyin' weekend. I will be doin' much of the same!

  3. I definitely need to get my hands on some Penny's desserts

  4. you certainly never slack on the good eats, girl! and since when does pennys have truffles?!! **scurries off to check the website**

  5. Strawberry Orange Sunrise....yum that sounds heavenly two of my all time fav flavors

  6. Cinnamon Life is like crack for me.

    I could, absolutely, hands down, eat an entire box. With milk. In one sitting. So, so delicious.

  7. not sure if this posted,
    but anyways I totally love your buffalo sammie :) everything taste better spicy in my book!

  8. Mmm, sugar free fudge that's not full of artificial sweeteners?! Count me in!! :)

    YAY for the holidays :)

    <3 jess

  9. Yum! I forgot how much I like mini m&ms! I loved the little tube they came in also, hehe. I think that may have to be one of my "giveaway" Halloween candies. :)

  10. Hey there-- I've never heard of the chain Keva before..humm that looks delishish! I love pretty much ANYTHING pumpkin!! Which Penny desserts are your favorite?!

    Health & Happiness,

  11. I love cin Life. Great snack. I hate when it is too soggy though. Gotta love the chem notes. I try to avoid going into too much chem detail with my non-nutrition major students. Now I only have nutrition majors in my intro course, so I throw a little more in there. Yes, tis the candy season, and I do love it.


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