What's the norm?!

So, the past few days have just FLOWN by with countless numbers of things keeping me occupied! Nevertheless, I did not abandon this here lovely blog ;). I have been taking random pictures of the good eats I've been munching on, so look on to see the "normal" food for a college student...or me at least! haha

Stonyfield Farm FroYo! ALWAYS = :D Clif Zbars (add a banana and you've got a mighty fine breakfast!) & Florida's Natural Fruit Nuggets (great for those fruit snack cravings you may or may not get)...
on top of my bittersweet OChem Book! :/
Apples....keep the doctor away....or so I hope!
Oroweat Sandwich Thins with lots of PB&J! Nom Nom!
Try toasting them ever so slightly.
What is that crunchy goodness?!
A Kashi TLC Pumpkin Spice Flax Bar....that's what!
Grapes...and lots of computer work!!!!
Somersaults! My absolute favorite snack (I have decided!)!
Crunchy, (Sweet or Salty depending on the flavor you pick up!), Full of Whole Wheat Flour and Sunflower Seeds....all mixed into the perfect, portable, nutritious snack! :)
A Mountain of Veggies (aka a salad) topped with Annie's Roasted Red Pepper Dressing.
Raisinets....The closest thing to "healthy" candy! haha
Western Bagel: The Alternative Bagel (I just found these at WalMart and, while they are not as thick/doughy as their big brother, they are quite impressive!).
Peanut Butter makes everything EVEN BETTER!
Fact of the day: These are still manufactured by Dr. Kracker (just packaged by Jason's Deli). Next thing they need to package up is that ice cream!
Mediterranean Wrap....best thing on the menu, bar none! (except the ice cream, of course!)
Cookies & Cream Skinny Cows...are they still considered "Skinny" if you eat two in one sitting!? Amy's Mexican Tamale Pie
I'm not really sure how good this LOOKS, but one thing I AM sure of is that it TASTES phenomenal...literally like a tamale in a bowl. I will buy this again and ASAP!
Veggie-FULL with the perfect complement of creamy, yet firm cornmeal on top!
I just received this package from Food Should Taste Good Chips (THANKS KRISTIN!)
This thing was PACKED full! My roomies and I dug into the Potato and Chive Bag and agreed that it tasted like the skin from a baked potato, in a wierd, yet utterly delicious way. Almost as though they had taken the skin from the baked potato and baked it into a chip!?!

Time for this girl to hit the sack! Tomorrow is my first Organic Chem Lab... If I survive, I will be back with a full report.... ;)

CH-CH-CHECK IT OUT! :D Can you say YUM?!


  1. Man, I totally want to try those somersaults! Good luck with your chem lab! I've got a Human Anatomy & Physiology lab tomorrow. Ick.

  2. Florida's Natural Fruit Nuggets are so good i feel happy to see things here that i am familiar with

  3. Totally agree with you about the Mediterrian wrap from Jason's deli. its the BEST! I always order it!

  4. Somersaults sounds great!
    It looks like you are having a healthy college experience :) Good for you. Also, I had no idea Jason's Deli manufactured their own products! That's awesome, I love that place.

  5. Ooh, Organic Chem... I remember my mom telling me how she died in that class. :P Good luck!

    At least you've got yummy snacks to keep you going though. I love the Alternative Bagels, but I haven't been able to find them since I moved.

  6. Love Stonyfield Frozen Yogurt
    Those somersaults look good and are everywhere; I might need to find me some

  7. Those somersaults look so delicious, bet they're not to be found in the UK. I love the skinny cow products and don't feel as guilty when eating them :)


  8. i love how a bloggies interpretation of normal foods is completely different than everyone else :) only in blogworld <3

  9. I eat 2 Skinny Cows at once too, they are too good!! Ah so happy you got the Food Should Taste Good chips! The sweet potato are the best!

  10. I love those pumpkin spice crunchy bars, but I must admit I love chewy bars better. And I'm jealous of those potato chips. I'd love to try them.

  11. jealous of those chips!!


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