A Walking Starbucks

So, just to amuse you... This morning, at 6:30AM my dorm had it's third fire alarm since school started (which was one week ago)...SUPER annoying! Supposedly there is some form of malfunction; but it needs to be fixed ASAP!

Anyways, after standing outside for 20 minutes (fun, no?!), I rushed around and made it to my 8AM on time (chea!). Banana & Zbar for breakfast...of course. However, check out that "E" mug. It's evil. Why? The lid doesn't close very well and the remaining 1/4 of my "homemade latte" spilled when my bag got tipped over by accident. The coffee/milk/truvia mixture drenched my bag and it's contents...including, but not limited to...my phone, my camera, my pencil bag, my planner, my glasses case, my credit card holder... It smelled horrible after a few hours...Coffee only smells good for so long, especially when milk is involved. I hope I can get the smell out...of everything! Okay, well if you read that long, ranting paragraph above then congrats and I will now reward you by making the rest of this post somewhat brief... ;)

Lunch was a salad comparable to the picture from yesterday's post....just add a bunch of carrot shreds and sunflower seeds!

Then came ORGANIC CHEM LAB...long story short...it wasn't half bad...almost half good?!

I came home around 5 and toasted up a Western Alternative Bagel. Alongside, I had a not-so-flavorful Nectarine.
Warm, Creamy Nut Buttah...Does it get bettah? (haha!)
Food Should Taste Good Potato and Chive Chips
You might as well just multiply that serving times 2 or so
because these things sure do TASTE GOOD! :D
Cookies & Cream Skinny Cow (only one left...)
An unnecessary box of Raisinets...coincidentally only one box of these left too!
Peace out cub scouts! PoliSci/Math/Speech...they are all calling my name!
Why am I so popular?!


  1. God I haven't had those chocolate raisins in ages, I used to love them. I hate the smell of old coffee too and spilling it is the worst thing ever, especially if you can't clean it all up.


  2. a chem lab being half fun? now I've heard everything
    And I agree with you on those potato and chive chips--I have to hid them from people so I can eat them haha

  3. oh my favorite starbies travel mug is so unreliable.. always spills on my pantelones and makes me look like i wet myself :(

  4. AHH, I'm so so so sorry that happened to you. Unfortunately, this has happened to me once too! I dumped an entire BLACK COFFEE all over myself and my planner (that's the worst!), and I smelled like coffee all day, and my planner was ruined.

    Sorry for your luck, but I' glad the day was still a success :) Oh I love raisenetts!

  5. Oh, I hate when drinks with milk spill. The smell just DOES NOT go away. Ugh. I remember when I spilled a chai latte all over my brand new canvas journal. Needless to say, it was a sad, sad day.

  6. My friends had problems with people pulling fire alarms in their dorms. One time it happened three times in one night! Sorry about the coffee spillage! I spilt a container of steamed soy milk on myself at work one time and well i did not smell to nice at the end of my shift =) Now don't keep those classes waiting chop chop!

  7. Glad the lab was at least half fun...maybe you can skip out of the other half? :P Gah. My coffee mug did the same thing- was anything ruined? I love coffee but not the stains and smell of sour milk!

    Warm nut butter- no it does NOT get better than that. Go stock up on more ice cream, girl!

  8. Oh no horrible about the coffee spill! I always tend to get my electronics wet! I've already broken a laptop, camera, gps, and a few cell phones!

  9. Your skinny cow ice cream looks realllly good.

  10. Nope, it sure doesn't get much bettah than some nut buttah...Mmmmm.

    Glad you half liked your chem lab! ;)


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