Don't Go Breakin' My Heart

Have you seen Leap Year yet? My friends and I went to go see a double feature last night: Leap Year and It’s Complicated. It’s complicated was just okay; but Leap Year was adorable! For a second there, I thought that they were going to defy all laws of RomComs; but, no worries…they deliver! By the way, am I the only one who didn’t catch the whole, “Heads I win, Tails you lose.”? Brilliant!
Dark Chocolate Dreams = Oatmeal's Perfect Mate
Chik-A-Fil's Grilled Chicken Salad...one of my faveee cafeteria lunches!
p.s. I know it's Chik-Fil-A...but Chik-A-Fil sounds alot catchier, no? ;)
The UPS man delivered a package from Monica the other day! Heart Thrives and a bar that I have never had before...a Prana Bar! Have you had one? What's the word on the streets?
Dear Microwave,
"Don't Go Breakin' My Heart! Don't go breakin' my...Don't go breakin' my...Don't go Breakin' my Hearrrrt".
Yours truly,
This was like a compressed fluffy cake...a cookie/cake hybrid. The natural sweetness of these bars was subtle, yet delightful. Furthermore, I liked the texture (there were also dried apples mixed in). Then again, there was a slight chalkiness to each bite, but it wasn't too overwhelming. And just to get me back into "school mode", I'm going to give it a grade...B!
The UPS man and I are really getting to know each other...
CinciMom hooked me up with a JUMBO pack of Zevia. I split it half and half with my crazy roomie Alexa...Love ya girl! Don't you wish you were my roomie right about now?
"Paging Dr. Zevia". Can't wait to try that flava!
  • Lots of syllabi piling up and not sure what to do next? Click here!
  • What are you up to over this 3 day weekend?
  • Did you get the email that Annie's Homegrown is hopping into Starbucks? HONEY BUNNIES!

My friend Kristen and I are starting a T/Th Spin class from 6:30-7:20AM this week! We'll see how that goes...Today, we are going over to buy our first Lab Coats! I feel like a real little Food Scientist! lol Then, it's over to Starbucks to get our study on...maybe Annie's will be there?!


Happy Saturday! Get in the kitchen, for me! Oh, but first, click here and try your luck at winning some greek yogurt at An Apple A Day! If you believe it or not, she is hosting a 2nd Greek Yogurt giveaway too. Chobani or Oikos? Hm....On another note, Erin is offering up some 18 Rabbits Bars...Schweeet!


  1. Just made some oatmeal pancakes for bfast! That is my in the kitch contribution to you.

    Annie's is coming to Starbeezies? Two hearts beating as one - I love it. Tell us if you see it there later!

    And I fully expect a lab coat photo shoot : )

  2. Jealous of that Zevia stash!
    And both of those movies sound great to me

  3. I HATED Leap Year!!! My friend and I almost walked out on it haha.
    I'm glad you enjoyed it though =]

  4. It sounded like a typical chick movie. Too bad it was so disappointing cause I really like Amy Adams.

  5. i have that song on my ipod lol! i've never heard of leap year, but i'm glad you liked it! that heart cookie is so cute and yummy lookin!

  6. Prana Bars are really good! Especially that Coconut Acai flavor - it's my favorite. :) I hope you enjoy it!

  7. Haha, getting to know the UPS man is a GOOD thing ... packages are fun! :)

  8. Thanks for the compliment on my photo. That really makes me happy when someone else likes my photography. :)

  9. I will totally swap for those Nectar bars! That is my favorite flavor and they are going to discontinue them. :( You may have to resend me your address, I think I deleted the email. Just send me an email whenever you can and I will get those packed up for you. :) Thanks girl!

  10. Never heard of a Prana bar. Sounds like you are busy with the start of the new term. I hope you have good classes and a sweet schedule. Gotta love wearing the lab coat. I can't believe all the cool packages you have gotten.

  11. you are hardcore for that early spin class!! whoooo!!
    agreed w. the chikfila name!
    enjoy your zevia!

  12. I'm SO glad you liked Leap Year!!! I did too!! Plus I went into it thinking it was just going to be your typical chick flick so I was super pleasantly surprised :)

    I've decided that I want to marry someone Irish/Scottish/English/Australian. Can you tell I have something for accents :P

  13. mmmm, prana bars, zevia, oats...you just can't go wrong with any of 'em!

    Have a great weekend girlie!

  14. I MUST find Dr.Zevia. I love Zevia! Thanks for the heads up :)

  15. That heart-cake cookie looks so cute and delicious. I really need to get on this Zevia bandwagon. I cut out soda (including diet) completely from my diet, but this Zevia stuff looks pretty refreshing and wholesome.

    This isn't a three-day weekend for me, alas (though I could definitely use one). I am enjoying the weekend, however, by meeting with an old friend tonight, and working at a volunteer event tomorrow evening. Enjoy what remians of your break from school!

  16. dr. zevia is the best news i've heard all day... oh.my.god. Gotta gets my paws on some of that!!

  17. great eats- as always!! love the dr. zevia- i ahvent seen that anywhere! it sounds so good :)

  18. Don't go breakin' your heart?

    I couldn't if I tried, love.

    I need to meet with Dr. Zevia like NOW!!
    That's a match made in heaven. :)

  19. Chick-A-Fil Huh? I think I might just sound better. They should really consider changing the name :)

  20. "It's Complicated" is just okay?? GASP! I loved that movie lol


  21. I think Leap Year looks pretty cute! I really want to see Dear John though!!

    Love the heart! Almost too cute to eat! Just kidding ;)

    <3 jess


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