The Hungry Diner

LORELAI: We should be eating, I’m hungry, this is crazy. Don’t they want us eating? Isn’t that what the point of The Hungry Diner is – to feed the hungry diner? Or is the point of The Hungry Diner to keep the hungry diner hungry, in which case they should call it The Eternally Hungry Diner ‘cause you’re not gonna get any food here, loser.
RORY: That would be quite a sign.

Amy's Black Bean Chili is so hearty and delicious. I don't think that I could make it any better myself! Sweet Potato Fries = MMMM! :D
Hungry Dad & Brother (who don't eat the crusts) = loads of pizza crusts for this carbalicious girl (which double as breadsticks)
A doughy pita with cheese on top, perfected by the broiler! :D
POM spritzers...a no brainer!
My Amy's Toaster Pastry was talking to me..."Eeeeat Me".
My response..."Trust me, you don't have to ask!"
LORELAI: Oh, excuse me, I’m sorry.
WAITRESS: Yes, Sweetie?
LORELAI: What are the tiny cups for?
WAITRESS: They’re coffee cups, they’re for coffee.
LORELAI: What, are you running out or something?
WAITRESS: I’m sorry?
LORELAI: Never mind. Listen, we are very sleepy this morning, so would you happen to have something in a larger size, say a mug, a tureen, a small bowl of some kind?
WAITRESS: A coffee bowl?
LORELAI: Yes, a coffee bowl.
RORY: Bring two, please.
WAITRESS: We don’t have coffee bowls, I’m sorry.
LORELAI: Okay, well, then would you mind bringing. . .what do you think – two, three?
RORY: Three’s good.
LORELAI: Yeah, three of these cute little cuppy things? Oh, and could you leave the pot in the meantime?
Lorelai Gilmore would have been proud... ;)
I warmed one of these doughy pitas (I am talking dense, no hole in the center...you know what I mean?! :D) in a frying pan and then whipped up an egg white scramble with some zucchini and onions. Nom nom!
Quite possibly the perfect pre-workout snackaroo.
Remember those pitas I was JUST talking about (these...)?Well, I topped one with a homemade pumpkin spaghetti sauce (1 part pumpkin puree to 2 parts tomato sauce, seasoned well), shredded cheddar cheese and tonsss of thinly sliced veggies. Oh babbbby!!El Monterey White Corn Shredded Beef Taquitos. I never thought I would be featuring these on the blog; but, you know what, I didn't ever truly look into what they have to offer. No, they aren't "health food"...but they aren't too bad either! :)
I was looking for some protein and I had already had PB & eggs for the day...what else could I use to be creative. Hmm, maybe snag some of my bro's taquitos. I got the oven fired up and took out the bag to find that the nutritional stats weren't too bad. Sure, they are sort of high in sodium, but the protien count is great and the fat count is pretty low.
The ingredient list is much shorter and much more comprehensible than anything that I would have imagined!
Two taquitos, chopped and tossed over a crisp salad, made just the lunch that I was searching for!
It's Biggest Loser Time! I really hope that BL motivates more people to lose weight. Do you think it's just a reality tv show or do you think that BL truly motivates others to put themselves first and take the necessary measures to lose weight?


  1. wow, i think i have finally found someone that loves gilmore girls more than me! LOVE THE MUG!

    also, those look like some awesome eats! love the blog! :)

  2. i can ALWAYS count on you for gilmore girls throwbacks. you're awesome. love all the doughy-ness going on in this post! yum

  3. Your eats always look so good!
    Defs should try that chili of Amys!
    Pumpkin spaghetti sauce?! What!!
    That does look like a perfect snack!
    I love how you cut up the taquitos to put on top of your salad!!
    Love the BL!!

  4. I think the Biggest Loser motivates people. I mean, it motivates me and I don't want to lose weight or anything. I just tell myself if they can push themselves that hard then so can I and I run that extra mile.

  5. You know I always have to give you props for the GG quotes. Love, love, love!

  6. I love that you quote Gilmore Girls so often.
    I basically do that every minute throughout the day.
    IE First thing in the morning-
    "coffee coffee coffee!!"

    i want your brain!! sooo creative!

  8. WAHAHAHA!!! PLease, please do more of these Gilmore Girl quotes..I love them! Oh, nostalgia...that was my FAVORITE show ever!!

  9. wow all your eats look amazzzing- great pics!!

    & i immediately knew that quote when i read the first line :) i LOOVE gilmore girls so much!!

  10. pumpkin speghetti sauce?!?! ummm INSANE sounding! wow and it looks great too!

    LOL, I havent watched gilmore girls in so long!

    those taquitos look great atop that big green salad!

  11. I was never a gilmore girls fan, but how much you know about it makes me smile :)

    Mmm, that pita and cheese looks amazing! Oh myyyy! I really want some POM!
    <3 jess

  12. That pita looks so tasty. Yum Yum! And I love Amy's chili. Anything Amy's really.

  13. Awesome eats girl!! I love your coffee bowl! ha! That is sssooo right up my alley. I loved how you chopped up your taquito and tossed it in a salad. Cool idea! I missed BL last night but im on the fence about it! I think it does motivate some people to lose weight, but I think the way they do it on the show is too extreme for most people. Have a great day girl!

  14. Wow chickie, you managed to pack in a lot of yummy eats into just one post lol

    I think BL is more than just a reality tv...I hope that people watch it AND it wakes them up.

  15. I am loving the GG quotes - please continue if you are so inclined. Loralei is so witty.
    And great eats, as usual!

  16. I love scoring Gingie's pizza crusts.. m'mm, it's my fav part.

    Loralei is my herooooo.


  17. Oh my... I don't know if I should've read your post! i was already hungry, but now I'm starving... guess it's dinner time!

    What did you think of BL?? I'm so glad it's back, I'm kind of addicted...

  18. awesome eatsssss ... nom nom nom!
    I actually think biggest loser is goin down a touch...to me it's not reality...I don't think it's healthy to lose 100 lbs in 2 months. But thats just me. Many of the contestants end up gaining much of their weight back when the public eye is not on them and when they are not working out 8 hours a day!

  19. I love that mug! I am obsessed with gilmore girls :) I have the lukes diner mug which i love to eat oatmeal out of.


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