Bars Galore!

Luna Lemon Zest Bar This is just a little reminder of the review that I did not too long ago of this bar.
Did I hate it or love it? Click to find out!

Prana Coconut Acai Bar (Thanks Monica!) This was like a Larabar on steroids!
It was gooey, yet firm and had a perfectly natural sweetness from the date paste. The puffed amaranth, chunky nuts and crunchy coconut came together with the smooth almond butter for a delicious surprise! :D
Lemon, Vanilla and Cashew CLIF Nectar Bar
(Supposedly these are on their way out...yet, all of my grocery stores are still carrying them! :D).
Hello, "Cookie Dough"! Snicker's Marathon Nutrition Bar-Honey & Toasted Almond

This bar had an ever so slight chalky texture, but it also had a nice chew and a thin caramel & chocolate layer on the base of the bar to create the ultimate Snickers experience. Pretty tasty and one of the options that my dining hall offers in the way of Nutrition Bars...I'll take it!

Power Bar Harvest Energy- Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

Hate is a strong word, so I will say that I strongly dislike old school, original PowerBars. Their texture and everything about them just does not jive with my scrutinizing taste buds. However, when I saw that PowerBar had a whole grain energy bar up for grabs, I decided to give this creation a try.
Whoa baby! The second that you pop open the hunter green wrapper, you will find a delightful discovery: a PLETHORA of mini chocolate chips. Each bar has a substantial 240 calories, which is a great addition to a breakfast on the go!Before you bite in, get your chompers ready because this bad boy is extremely chewy. The peanut butter/ almond butter flavor is prominent (they are both in the bar and I can’t tell which creamy nut butter I am enjoying…perhaps BOTH!). If you can handle the dense, extremely chewy nature of this flavor-packed bar, then I would say go for the gold!! I know I am...

The ingredient list was much more natural than I was expecting! I love seeing Peanut Butter, instead of "Peanut Butter Flavor". Gimme the Real Stuff! Thanks! :)
Snicker's Marathon Nutrition-Dark Chocolate Crunch Bar

This bar is a cocoa version of the Honey & Toasted Almond one up top.
Not my favorite, yet not my least favorite. It's one of those, only-buy-on-sale kind of things.
I have reviewed Honest Foods here, there and everywhere; but I still thought it deserved a moment in the spotlight, since I devoured this bad boy a few days ago! :D
I saved the best for last. Well, maybe not...but it is NEW! Doesn't that make it pretty sweet? You're about to find out...
Quaker True Delights Dark Chocolate Mocha Hazelnut Cafe Squares were perched upon Target's shelves today and who would I be if I passed up these new creations?!
Each bar is a good source (i.e. 10% of the RDA) of Calcium, Iron and Fiber and has only 110 calories...which makes it's small size somewhat acceptable.
The ingredient list is not quite as au natural as I would have liked; but it's also not exactly a novel and if you read through this short story, you won't find partially hydrogenated oils in the mix, so it's not ALL bad...
At first, I dismissed these WAY TOO FAST, as I took one out of the box and was appalled at how small they are. HOWEVER, this flavor profile (although it may sound like Quaker was confused and just threw everything from their dessert kitchen into a pan) really works together. Really.
This is not your average granola bar. There are many components that contribute to the final, small, yet substantially satisfying, product:
  • thin, gooey, "icing" that possesses a delightfully strong mocha flavor (Similar to the gooey layer of THIS Kashi bar)
  • liberal drizzle of creamy, rich dark chocolate
  • sprinkling of hazelnuts (which really doesn't do much for the bar)
  • typical granola bar that is neither too dry nor too sticky, but simply has a nice and hearty chew
I would def. shell out $2.83 again.
And with that, I shall go start on one of the three lab reports that are due this week...and bury myself in books before the mooovies tonight! Lata gata's!
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  1. ah bars up the whazoo - yup, you're definitely in college.

  2. Wow that's one long ingredient list.
    The lemon vanilla cashews are one of my favorites of all time. But I heard they're going, too :-(

  3. holy bars! haha I loved that you said larabar on steroids! haha I laughed!

    That last one looks like dessert bliss :-)

  4. yeah those nectar bars have been "on the way out" for a longgg time but my stores still carry them!

  5. yay i love all the food reviews!! they look delicious :)

  6. GIRL all of those bars sound AMAZE!
    love the lemon luna.
    whered you find the granola bar at the bottom?!! yumm!

  7. I haven't had a bar in so long. The ingredient lists are a bit too long and processed for me. I do miss Luna bars sometimes, though.

  8. LemonZest Luna's are my FAVE but I can't have em' no more cause of my Celiac disease, ughh so depressing haha! But I CAN still have ooey gooey doughy Clif Nectar bars ;)

    Love ya!

  9. omgosh you write the best reviews! I loved this line: "This was like a Larabar on steroids" - love it!

  10. I can say with certainty that I most def. HATE old school powerbars.

  11. I love this review post. I toldgya the Prana bar would be glorious! I received your Nectar bars today; thanks so much!! Let me know when you get your 18 Rabbits. :)

  12. I love snack bars!! And that lemon zest bar is so delicious!! That true delight bar looks like a dessert, yum!

  13. that is a whole lotta bars! happy weekend :)

  14. Bars galore!!!!!!!!!! I love bars!!!!!! Lemon Zest Luna rocks, I never thought I would like it but I do!!

    have a great weekend !! xoxo

  15. Wow, I can;t beleive you have tried all of those bars. A lot of those I have never even seen before. We ponly get powerbars and the snickers marathon here, so my mom sends me ones she can pick up at Trader Joes.

  16. Thanks for all the reviews! Those tru delights look great!!

  17. I love love love bar reviews. I'm not a huge luna fan, but I did like the lemon. It reminded me of those old school lemon sandwich girlscout cookies. I've never seen that quaker delight flavor- I need to get those for josh.

  18. I lurvvvvve that nectar bar and like everyone else, I'm mucho depressed about their departure. I always drool over the Pranabar flavahs are the grocery, but they look so tiny! Did it fill you up?

  19. Damn girl, your bars review just made me want to eat spoonfuls of chocolate dreams peanut butter! lol. Good reviews though. I'll have to try some of those. Definitely want to try the honest bars.

  20. Your bar reviews are AWESOME! I have been branching out on the bars I eat! I had a protein one the other day that was chocolate peanut butter and I swear that it tasted like a candy bar!!
    <3 jess

  21. So many bars :) I definitely have a bar addiction!

  22. whoaaa amazing reviews! thank you so much for keeping us up to date on all of these products! I just saw those quaker true delight bars on another site and seems like they are two thumbs up!!

  23. Those are delicious and healthy bars. Some are new to me and I'm eager to try them all. Luna lemon zest bar intrigues me the most 'coz of your review :D


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