What do you expect?

Hey hey hey! So it's monday (in case, like me, you were blocking that little detail out of your mind) and it's been a loooong day! I had a whole host of good eats today....but the highlight was that Honest Foods Bar I pictured in the earlier post. Holey Guacamole! This thing has a delightful sweetness that I have never tasted before and the perfect chewiness like a fresh baked cookie with oats, raisins and seeds thrown in for some body. I mean the fact that I had a free coupon for this little guy was awesome, but next time I will be digging into my piggy bank because these guys are worth every cent! OK: rant over!

Ok so I lied just now because....I also had a KEVACCINO with Alexa and Kristen which is ALWAYS worth mentioning! :D

AND I got a these two lovely items in my mailbox (and a yellow package slip, which means I have a package to pick up tommorrow.....**smiles**)
Im excited to try the free samples from Starbucks....did anyone else pick up on this offer? Or have you tried it?
And LARABAR generously sent me a sample pack with a cute rubber band! lol I have honestly not tried too many of their flavors and I am psyched! Reviews to come! (Have you tried any of the ones below?....the verdict?)
For dinner tonight I got a salad and a fruit cup! So great and refreshing!

I love ya'll and I wish I could do a review of an interesting article or write up some coolio food science facts; but I have already wasted too much time and need to get studying for a FOUR chapter BIO test I have Wednesday morning....and I haven't started......

It's the Monday after Spring Break......what do you expect?


  1. Yay for packages!! I've reviewed 3/4 of those Laras on my blog :)

    Good luck studying!

    Especially PBC!!!!!!!!

  3. WHOA dude, awesome package!!!!!! Hahaha, and I need to jump on those Honest Foods.. =D

  4. OK HOW DO YOU GET LARA SAMPLES?!? OMG that would be my dream! Good luck studying for your bio test, you'll do great!

  5. Lovin' the looks of those packages, girl!!! : )

  6. Awesome that you got those packages!! How do you bloggers get all of these samples from get companies!?!?!?!?!?!

  7. mmmm im a little jealous of the starbucks. i have never tried those larabars though. they sound tasty!

    good luck with your tests tomorrow hun!

  8. ooh, chocolate mole larabars are my favorite. lucky you, getting all those free samples!!

  9. yay for yummy packages!!! i havent tried most of those larabars so im looking forward to your review. good luck on all your work, youll definitely get it all done! xoxo

  10. Another blog gave the starbucks a really good review...and I've only tried one LARABAR and it wasn't any of those, but I loved it!


  11. Ooh yum! I've never tried the Jocalat bars... can't wait to see if you like 'em!

  12. Awesome packages! I've only tried the peanut butter cookie lara bar and it's awesome! Next on my list to try is coconut cream pie :)

    I need to get the Honest Food Squares next time I am in the US- saw them in the stores but never bought one, and now everyone is saying how great they are!

    Have a fab day :)

  13. How did you get the sweet hook up with the samples..! They look delish!!


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