Hellllo! I just wanted to stop in to say....everyone who has entered the Luna bar giveaway below is entered (Blog or not). I have a really funny picture of my oatmeal that exploded in my microwave this morning, but I am not on my computer right now so those will be uploaded soon!

Important if you entered the contest!!
The Winner will be announced either tonight (if I stay up that late) or Tommorrow morning! HOWEVER, the contest ends at MIDNIGHT tonight! Get your entries in!! And if you have a blog, I will leave you a comment to let you know that you have won. If you do not have a blog, you will have to check back! Either way, the winners need to email me at
nutritiousisdelicious (at) yahoo.com with their physical address!

Enjoy your Monday....and if you have to go to school, I hope it isn't too terrible!! :D
I am going to get my hair cut, shop with my mom, get my glasses readjusted and possibly try to clean up my room a little! Hopefully I will have a fun lunch and dinner that won't explode! lol
(And I totally did not mean to do Christmas colors there....owell! It's a fab holiday, if I do say so myself!...just a FEW months away!)


  1. Christmas IS a fab holiday! Exploding oatmeal sucks to clean up!! Sorry to hear about your accident but I can't wait to see the picture ;)

  2. Have an awesome time with your mom!!!

  3. You know, I used to loathe red and green together anytime of year it wasn't Christmas, now that I'm older and a little less irrational, I rather like them..


  4. Ah exploding oats have happened in my micro way too many times. I hate cleaning that gloopy mess! Have fun with your mama :)

  5. Yea, Christmas is fabbbb.
    Have a great day!


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