Ice Cream makes me SMILE

So the gymnastics thing was really unorganized and wierd....we left after about 30 minutes. I mean there were people tossing the football on the mats between contestants and the score board....well there basically wasn't one! Anyways, we made up for that by getting some....oh wait (putting you in suspense....unless you can read the title! lol).....For dinner we went ot Rudys and I got a Turkey Sandwich. It is the most simple thing and does not even look that great, but sometimes simplicity is best! (I only ate about 1/2 or maybe 3/4 because they are soo HUGE!)After the wierd gymnastics "competition", we hit up SHERIDANS!
Some of you were wondering what Frozen Custard is: (straight from Sheridan's website)
Custard is not the same as ice cream or frozen yogurt. For one thing, it's creamier. It is also smoother and thicker. Served about 25 degrees warmer than ice cream, custard has a smooth, velvety texture. It contains very little air (10-20% verses 50-90% in ice cream) but outrageously huge flavor.
AKA It has more fat than ice cream, so its even creamier. :D

The one thing that will turn any frown upside down:
Alexa's yumminess:I am now back home and I fixed myself a 100 calorie pack of popcorn and cut up a big juicy orange! Tommorrow is church, homework, more ice cream (lol!!...as a baby I called it "I keem"....yea I have ALWAYS loved it!)...................G'night
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  1. Oh my gosh, that dessert looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great night!!!

  2. Oh wow that looks delish! Can't beat strawberries in ice cream.

  3. that dessert looks SO GOOD!

  4. oh my god custard is the BEST! what an awesome treat!

  5. Let's face the facts.
    Ice cream=love.
    End of story.

  6. I LOVE Sheridan's (the one time I had it in Kansas City). It was amazing!

  7. Wow, what a yummy looking icecream treat! Hope it was enjoyable :)

  8. Hmmm interesting competition ;) That ice cream deserves a standing ovation - DELISH!!

  9. heh, I know what you mean by a simple, mediocre-looking sandwich that tastes GREAT! classic and simple is the way to go sometimes!
    and wow, I've got a BIG hankering for some ice cream too!

  10. oh wow that ice cream looks sooo yummy :)
    have a great night


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