Days in Pictures

This is just a few pics of the past days eats! It's already Wednesday.....BOOOO!!! lol Spring Break is flying by! Anyways, here's a few pics to keep you in the know (by no means is this EVERYTHING I have eaten this week).

[[My mom and I's nightly snack these days.....a little spray butter and a good board game makes for a goood night! ahha]]
[[[[The same Pretzels that they serve at the beloved KEVA JUICE.....I found them at Target!! Pretty good stats too!]]]]

[[[Flat Out with Provelone cheese.....YUM!]]] Walnut Oil + Sweet Potato + Frying Pan = "Fries"Good BUT better in the oven (duh!)
Breakfast this morning was pancakes with oats and banana slices thrown into the batter for a "heartier" feel! Would NOT photograph well! lolCheck out that HUNK of banana!!


  1. Love your hair cut! Your glasses are awesome! I need to get a new pair after I get my eyes checked. I think my eye sight has definitely gotten worst. Anyways, I WANT THE PRETZEL! =D

  2. I've seen those pretzels in the store but never got them, maybe I'll have to take a second look.
    Great haircut!

  3. your hair looks super cute!!!!

    What was your breakfast? It looks intriguing!!

  4. Aww great eats! You're so cute!

  5. Is that your new shirt too?!?!

    New haircut, new shirt...girl you're going WILD today!! =P

  6. Hey pretty lady ~ Love the hair!

    I think sometimes the uglier the picture, the better it tastes! Banana pancakes reminds me of Jack Johnson :)

    You and your mom sound like fun girls, yay for board games!

  7. Aw it's cute!! I like the haircut!!

    Enjoy your spring break (says the girl blogging in class...hehe!) ;)



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