Soup, Salad and Breadsticks

CHEA.....you know where Im goin' for dinner tonight!! Owww Owww!!! After dinner Kristen, Alexa and I are heading back to watch 2 movies we rented:

1."The boy in the striped pajamas"

2."Fireproof". I am not married (lol), but Fireproof is SUCH A GOOD MOVIE! Seriously, Kristen has not seen it yet, so I insisted it HAD to be one of our picks tonight! SOOO good!! :D Can someone please back me up on this!?

Soo....Seems like Splenda gets the blogger crown for Artificial Sweetener (with Truvia and Stevia being runners up). One blogger summarized my thoughts pretty well:

Of course I know I'm a lot less worked up about this than a lot of people and I contribute that to my food science background...NAOmni

Now, I don't have a strong food science background, yet. However, I can already see it building in me!

I have been snacking today: Here are some of the pics....

Here's the verdict: They are delicious and have an airy yet dense texture thanks to their waffle fry shape that I have never tasted before AND a wonderfully cheesy flavor.....BUT the bag seems SOO small and the serving seems a bit small too?! hmmmmm
Kashi crackers with PB & Co CINNAMON RAISIN SWIRL! Oh man! This PB ROCKS MY SOCKS! Yea, it has added oil and evaporated cane juice! So what..I like to branch out every now and then....especially if it tastes like this! I managed to find it on a major sale (or the frugal in me would not have bought it!) and I am soo glad I did! It has a STRONG flavor that reminds me of a snickerdoodle cookie (with raisins!). YUM! Food Science Notes! They seem to be all the rage these days! ;)


  1. I love that PB!!

  2. Love your colorful notes!
    And I wanted to watch The boy in the striped pajamas!!!! But no one wanted to see it, hahaha. Lammmmeeee

  3. Hint hint! The boy in the striped pajamas has a very very sad ending!

  4. Oh my, Boy in the Striped pajamas was quite a movie!! I'd definitely recommend it. It sure made me think!

  5. your notes are so colorful!! love it
    oh and the peanut butter :)

  6. those are some intense notes! hehe love it.

    ugh, pb and co = the love of my life. sad but true! haha glad you enjoyed it too!

  7. NAOmni is full of wisdom! I haven't seen Fireproof, but ALLLL the churches nearby advertise the fact that they're hosting free screenings of it on their message boards lol.

  8. Great Eats!
    Ok, I'm glad to see someone highlights their notes as much as I do... it's crazy. I love all of the different colors! Good luck studying and learning and everything.
    Love always,

  9. thanks for all of your kind words sweetie :) they have really helped SO much! i am SO jealous of your note taking skills/organization haha! mmm, olive garden :)


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