No One Guy's Pizza This Week! :(

I am loving my spring break and can't believe how fast it is FLYING by! :( Another Picture recap because King of Queens is coming on soon! :D
Dinner last night: One Large sweet potato (microwaved and cut into chunks) layered in a bowl with Amy's Chili and sauteed Kale sprinkled with Mozz. Cheeeeese! YUMM! So good!
Dessert las night (and a game!): No Pudge Brownie and SEQUENCE! Have you ever played it?

Some Heart to Heart last night with a little GG thrown in (ok, ALOT of GG!) haha

BRUNCH: 2 slices of honey wheat bread dunked in a (milk, egg, cinnamon, sugar) mixture and cooked on the stove until crispy, then cut into French Toast Stix! Served with a side of warm maple syrup and a sliced banana with a Tablespoon-ish of PB (I started putting some of the PB on my fork, then putting a bite of french toast on top and dunking it into the syrup.....ummm HELLO!)! And a glass of milk to wash it all down! SOOOO good!
A new necklace ($10) I got yesterday at American Eagle on sale and a new shirt ($6) at Forever 21! Bargains. Love them.
A Shoe Arsenal we got at Khols today. The black ones were on sale for $21, the red (which are mostly my mom's, but I will undoubtedly borrow them when I am home this summer!) were $11 and the brown were $15! I was actually in need of some new shoes...havent had any in a long while! :D

VEGGIES! Carrots, broccoli, edamame, lima beans, asparagus, spinach, cauliflower.....that's all i can remember! Check out the mug! CHEA! I also have a Dragonfly Inn one (you will understand that if you watch Gilmore Girls! lol) I got them for my mom last year for Christmas online!
I also had another big, soft Pizza-pretzel, some triscuits with spinach dip (ok, more than some), a no pudge brownie and a 100 calorie pack of Girl Scout cookies and possibly a handful of cereal. I am not used to eating a brunch (not enough calories for this girlie), but that is what you get when you sleep in until 10:15! Oh spring break, how I love thee! I have only been on the treadmill twice this week; but you know what, it's vacation....live a little, right!?!? :D


  1. Whoa, what an awesome tasty day!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hahaa i love gilmore girls!

  3. AHH that mug is so great! I miss Luke, I wish I had a real version of him in my life! How sad is it that I live through my TV lol. Your french toast stix sound yummmmmmy, I'm sure I could veganize that somehow! I think I have the exact same Forever 21 shirt as you! So cute! I love it because it has that jungle-y stripe print going on, but it's a lot more subtle than other animal prints you know?

  4. I love all of your cute clothes and yummy eats! That chili sweet potato combo looks divine.

  5. All of your buys are SO CUTE! I love the shoes :)

    By the way - that dinner looks amazing!

  6. owwwwwwwwww - look at all those awesome shoes. I see a trip to Khols in my future. Cute necklace too!

  7. LOVE THE MUG!!!!!!!! And the sweet potato/chili combo!!

  8. Shoes are soooo cute! I love that style!



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