I figured you should say bye to these CUTIES! :( My mom and I went to the grocery store yesterday to STOCK UP! We got some candy from the bulk bins and my mom thought it should be featured (hint: the jelly belly bag on top of my cereal!)
The Animal Crackers and Honey Comb are for Alexa and I to snack on in the car!
The PB&Co was on sale for about the same price as the rest of the PB, so I snatched it up! And 2 new bars to try!! :D

Some old and some new! (That Kashi cereal is definitely new and Im psyched to try it!)
SNOW PEAS! "Energy Bites" and dried pineapple bits!
Dates.....I found them!
One of my many snacks last night! (Those straws are not that good!)
FRUIT...I was too lazy to take it all out of the bags!
Brunch....Cinnamon sugar toast and egg with Mozzarella CHEESE! (+ a BANANA!)

Im in love! :D

Time to go get a pedicure with my mom and then we are having a "game day" with my bro, his girlfriend, my mom and possibly alexa! I see sequence in our future!! Tommorrow I hit thee road at 7:30!! eeek!

I just got a DIET COKE FLOAT from sonic! HOLY MOLEY YUM! This is my new favorite thing! Soft serve ice cream and diet coke, together at last! :D TRY IT!!


  1. Cinnamon sugar toast?! I haven't had that in SO LONG! I used to make "tacos" when I was little using the heel of white bread and tons of cin/sugar - fold in half, eat, and enjoy :)

  2. Great shopping trip! Looks like you got some major goodies :) Have a great day!

  3. You've got a fun day in store! You've got me in the mood for some animal crackers! I've never seen that Kashi cereal before either, can't wait to hear what you think of it!

    Have a safe trip back to school tomorrow!

  4. Love your haul!!!!! I want to come over! And whoa, love those cool straw things, I have never seen those before.

  5. That diet coke float sounds delicious! I've been craving a little diet coke here and there (I gave up soda and meat for Lent) so I'm very jealous! Haha :) Your eats look tasty!! Enjoy game night!

  6. Great buys and a pedicure? What a great day!!

  7. great buys girlie :) the bars are the highlight for me haha!
    glad you enjoyed the cola float!

  8. mm..bye cuties! i dont know how you do it! i couldnt stand being away from my pups for a few days!

    looks like you found tons of tasty treats. thats a shame that the chips ahoy straws arent very good..i wanted to try them :(

    also!! im a little jealous of your family's zest for game playing. im the only one in my family that actually enjoys board games lol

  9. my oh my, those THINK bars are really growing on me. and almond milk! YUMMM

  10. i got a pedi yesterday, too! FABULOUS!
    I love your new goodies! those "Energy Bites" are so great- what flavor did you get?! We get like 5 different flavors here... kind of weird, but taste & make me feel good!
    Have a great week!

  11. Mmmm...Peanut Butter & Co! I've been to the little cafe here in NYC and it's so good! I could live off of peanut butter. The other stuff looks yummy too!


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