Intaglio, Etching, Weaving,......blah

Just a quick recap...

First, I feel a little better about my art test tommorrow (always a good thing!).

Yogurt, Apple, Carrots and Laughing Cow Cheese
Then my yogurt got upgraded to First Class! (aka...a Whole Foods 365 Vanilla Sandwich cookie crumbled on top!)Some SmartFood Popcorn (too small and not anything special!)Some Kashi Island Vanilla Cereal with Almond Milk (meh....not the best..the cereal that is! The Almond Milk Rocksss!!!)....excuse the messy desk! ;)And I just had about a cup of Honeycomb cereal (FUEL = studying! haha)

And sleep = doing well (or at least being awake enough to try!).



  1. Mmmmm, super delicious eats!

  2. I'm glad I didn't pick up a box of the Island Vanilla! I debated it for a while at the store the other day, but if you're not a fan I probs won't be either :) Your 1st class yogurt must have been delicious, the cookie looks like the perfect texture to crumble into yogurt!

  3. Mmmmm ... LOVE almond milk!

    Good luck on your test!!!! : )

  4. Great Eats!
    Did I mention I'm obsessed with laughing cow?

  5. I'm convinced that Laughing Cow goes with EVERYTHING! Try it with mushrooms sometime - very good :)

  6. i'm so glad you reviewed the kashi cereal because I have it on my shopping list for today but now i think i'll pass on it!

    You're awesome darlin!


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