Raise your Hand......

....If you have a crazy hectic week! **raises hand*
I am so busy this week trying to get homework done, papers written, online chemistry, study for Food Science test, pack, laundry, etc. Therefore, I am going to do another quick recap! However, it comes with a few pictures (per usual!) lol.

~BIG Sammie (turkey, lettuce, red/green peppers, black olives, mustard, provelone cheese on thick Wheat Berry bread)

~The other half of my Vegan Alternative Baking Co. Lemon Poppyseed Cookie (see previous post)
~2 Big Handfulls of Jumbo Rice Krispies (YUM!)

~A free 12oz KEVA (the Keva Juice Workers were in the lobby passing out 12oz samples....of course I WAS THERE! :D )
For those of you who missed my first Keva Juice post, I will fill ya'll in on this fabulous place. They use sorbets, fat free frozen yogurt and/or skim milk (depending on what type of smoothie you get). Some are fruity and some are not. I always always always get the Kevaccino (Fat Free Frozen Yogurt, Skim Milk, Chocolate/Mocha flavoring stuff?!) and I get it about 1X a week (maybe more?!). If you have one nearby (check here)....I am not commissioned by them either....Im just ADDICTED.....PLEASE Check it out!!
It is so funny......they all know Alexa and I by name in there because we are ALWAYS there!



~Quaker Mini Delights (I had never had them before...really Good, but are gone too fast! haha)
~Single Serve Bag of Kashi Traditional Crackers

How do people go low carb?!

I also hit up the gym for a 50 minute walk/run on the tredmill while watching GILMORE GIRLS! (My alllll time favorite!)! It was so ironic because the episode was one where Rory is having trouble studying because of her 3 roomies and she eventually finds her "study tree"...blah blah, I could go on forever b/c like 98437587 things go on in one episode. However, it was funny because about a year ago when I watched that episode, I just thought it was fun (you know, jsut another episode). NOW I can totally relate! So I was just laughing to myself the whole time. My mom and I have all of the seasons on DVD and watch them all of the time (when I am home......which will be in three days! :D ), so when I explained one scene, she knew EXACTLY which episode I was talking about. Then we talked about it for a while....too funny!

I am such a Gilmore Girl addict that I will find myself quoting the movie randomly and people will be like... huh?! And then I try to explain and they dont understand! phahah cracks me up!

And Because I needed a break in my day:

This turned into a much longer "recap" than planned....Oh well!

Dont forget there is a giveaway coming up sometime in the next week.......


  1. It would appear there is a lack of keva in the northeastern part of the country. But I'm pretty tempted to hunt one down in Tennessee this summer.

    Also, pickles pickles pickles smell pickles train conducting. You're not alone in the gg love.

  2. Thanks for the info on the single serve pouches :)

    12 oz free samples?! That's generous!! Sounds great!

  3. Those quaker mini delights looks awesome.

    And I would raise my hand except my arms too tired.


  4. Hope all is going well. And oh yes to Gilmore Girls!!! I haven't watched that in a long time, but used to watch it all the time!!! Love it!

  5. kevia sounds so good, i wish there was one by me!

  6. ah, keva sounds great!

    Enjoy your week, as hectic as it is! It's almost over :)

    I never understood the low-carb thing. Need me some sandwiches, yo!

    Good luck getting through your week girl, you can do it!!!!

  8. How awesome that you keep up such a busy schedule and eat so healthy too! Claps hands!!!

  9. whoahahahaha! that's a funny comic! thanks for sharing that with us!
    and omg, gilmore girls is my FAVORTIE show ever!

  10. So i totally saw that same gilmore girls episode, and i was thinking the same thing! I can totally relate to that haha! Awesome eats btw! <3 <3

    p.s. i too sometimes wonder how people go low carb..considering some days carbs are all i eat ^_^


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