The past week has been a blurrrr! Seriously, I can't believe I have been home for a week! Where has the time gone?! I am going to get some stuff done today....PRODUCTIVITY! :D lol It has been an awesome week of relaxation....now back to the GRIND (aka.....studying my butt off!). I only have about 5 more weeks of school and then I will have finished my first year of college.....craziness! I want to finish these last 5 weeks hard (study hard, eat healthy, workout and just feeeeel GOOD!).

I am contemplating on how to continue with the blog.....possibly not posting about every single bite of food that goes into my mouth (actually, I already dont post EVERYTHING). However, I am considering doing just one meal a day and maybe focusing more on food science facts and things I am learning and how I am dealing with college and staying healthy. Ok, this is just some contemplation. I will post more later once I figure out what I want to do! I know I want to keep the blog running, but I am just not sure which road I want to take! Any suggestions?! What do you want to see? The day in the life of a college student? More about my workouts? My thoughts on various food articles? Food reviews? A meal a day (instead of every PBJ, banana, coffeee, etc that I eat frequently)? Something else?

Yummy Lunch *the banana was for "b-fast" at 10:15 when I woke up*! :D I better get ready to wake back up at 6:30 on monday (Hello COFFEEE!). Lunch was a bed of romaine with a tuna salad (Miracle Whip, one whole can of tuna and a squirt of mustard) on top. I also had some triscuits with a little mozz cheese melted on top and some tomato slices. Then I finished off the box of triscuits (probably 2 or so "servings")...they were delish!

Time to wash my car (manually....so I can really get it clean....since I can't wash it by hand at school in the middle of a huge parking lot! lol), play with my puppies....who I will miss dearly!, study for the CLEP test I need to take as soon as I feel ready, possibly study for my Biology and/or Art test that I have the week I get back, get things packed up (I dont know if I am leaving tommorrow or Sunday), Possibly go shopping later when my mom gets home for some school snacks to bring back with me and then play some more games with my mommy!

After those 5 weeks of school, I come back home and go to a 3 week mini mester of summer school (History...yuck!) and then (hopefully) have a job! I like to plan ahead~ :D

P.s. I almost forgot........I got up feeling awesome and in a "running mood" (Which does not happen often when I have just woken up). So I stretched, got on my workout clothes, grabbed my water bottle and Ipod, pulled out the treadmill and got pumped. Then, I turned on the my ipod and started running. It said it was 2/3 of the way charged...good enough for me! However, 2 seconds later, it says "Ipod is powering off, please connect to a power source". It has been doing this for a while now and I am ABOUT to throw it out and start over (BUT I would rather salvage the ipod I have.....these things don't grow on trees!). I am going to try charging it with Alexa's wall charger (as opposed to the computer) and if that works, I will buy one of those. Otherwise.......RIP Mr. Ipod. Let's hope I can revive him!

Oh and needless to say, I didn't run because running is only fun (For me) if I have some rockin' tunes to accompany/encourage me....and if it's not fun, then what's the point!?

What a LONG Post......F.Y.I. I have finished 2 and a half Seasons Of Gilmore Girls on DVD this week! :D


  1. I agree ... this week HAS been a blur and I'm SO excited the weekend is here!!

    Glad you've had a great time relaxing!! : )

  2. Enjoy every last minute of your break!! Whatever you decide to do with the blog is your decision - I'll still be here :)

  3. Hope all goes well with the blog and studying. I don't blog every morsel of food that goes into my mouth. I snack from time to time, and that would just be such looooonnng posts. LOL

  4. Aww what a buzzkill! I HATE when I lose my music source and I pretty much can't work out without music so I'm doubly bummed! As long as you keep blogging, it doesn't matter what format you choose! I love your blog as is, but just do whatever sounds good to you each day :)

    YAY puppies!

  5. ohh girl i know what you mean. i had my spring break last week & it went by SOOO fast. granted, i live at home and only go to school 3 days a week..but still! haha.

    uggh. speaking of ipods.. mine has been doing the exact same thing. or it had been..until it just completely DIED. ive tried plugging it in to everything to charge it, and try to turn it on and it just wont. so we're going to get a new one tonight. ughh. i hate spending money on something i already havvvve. haha.

  6. 1. I am jealous of your access to gilmore girls.
    2. I went through a phase where I went to the gym IPODless, and just now realized that I did about 2/3 of what I do WITH an IPOD.
    3. I think all of those ideas for your blog are wonderful!! I look forward to all of them =]


  7. Thoughts of various food articles! Do it!


  8. Thanks for your comment on my blog! So great to 'meet' you :)

    Have a great weekend!

  9. yay! I totally agree that running needs to be fun!! Glad you're not one of those people who FORCE themselves to die at the gym for the sake of exercise and burning calories!!! :)

    Exercising without music REALLY does suck. *sigh* Music is definitely under rated!

  10. omg! GILMORE GIRLS! it's my most absolute FAVORTIE TV show EVER! I've watched them over and over again and still aren't sick of it.
    as for your blog I'd love to read more aabout your thoughts on food articles, info on nutrition, and food reviews! with pics of your interesting eats, of course!
    this is how I blog: I only usually blog my lunch because I create somethin new everyday, and also I ramble on narcissistically about myself and my struggles with ED. whatever works for you, but don't stop blogging please! I'll miss ya too much!


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