"I'm gonna have to drink a lot of coffee to keep up with you two."

Sherry (Christopher's wife) says this to Rory and Lorelai. Needless to say I had coffeeS this morning! Except I have to keep up with my professors at 8AM!

Hello everyone! I just got done taking my BIO test and it went WELL! I am not sure if I made an A, but I do know that I think that those 6+Hours of studying payed off! (which is always good!)

Since the last time we talked (feels like ages ago), I have eaten the Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar and the Chocolate Cherry Jocolat Larabar.

PBC Larabar: It was really good with a stellar peanut-y taste. However, I am not sure if I would purchase this particular flavor again. Why? As you break off each piece your fingers get coated in oil. Now I know that this is all 100% healthy fats, but it still is not very appetizing or practical for on the go eating. C or A if you do not mind having greasy fingers!

Chocolate Cherry Jocolat Larabar: This bar tastes like a moister (is that a word? lol....now it is) and slightly more natural version of the Almond Brownie Balance Bar that I reviewed a few weeks back.......with a prevalent cherry kick! WOULD definitely buy again! A+

I also had some of the Kashi Vanilla Cereal that I pictured about 2 posts back and it was delish with a subtle vanilla sweetness going on! The squares are not as compact as say, post shredded wheat, so they do not have quite the same crunch. I want to try it in milk though because I think it would absorb the milk great and be even better. B+

Ok, well I am about to go get some yummy gelato with Lex! Ill be sure to take a picture because I have been lacking in that dept!

Be back later! Yay for no tests for the rest of the week (not that the hectic-ness of life is gone.....that only happens over vacations! lol)

P.s. There is a "Scheduled Outage" at 4pm tommorrow. Would some lovely blogger care to tell me what that is?

P.p.s. Some of you are wondering how I get all of these samples. Here's the trick:

Just ask!!!!! Email them with a link to your blog and a request and the nice ones (lol) will be more than happy to share their product with the public!


  1. Great job with your bio test!
    have fun getting gellato!

  2. Thanks for the reviews girl! I really want to try that kashi cereal...

  3. YAH! Glad studying paid off!

  4. The oil thing was the problem I had with Laras too! Oh well :(

    CONGRATS on your test!!

  5. Mmm I love the PB Larabar, but it's also not my fave (just Larabars in general) but it's my favorite of the kind! I'm more of a Luna gal ;)

    How did you go about getting samples? Did they just contact you?


  6. yay!! congrats on being done with your bio test AND for studying so much!!!!

  7. yummmy yummy! i would have to agree..i dont mind if there's healthy fats in my food..but not when i can see it on my fingers. not cool!

    congrats on being done with your test! its so nice just to not worry about too much for a little while..however, i am longing summer more than anything. no worries at all. lol. love ya girl.


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