Hey hey! It's beautiful outside and my mom is heading home early, so we are going to get a little shopping done! Here's my lunch though for your amusement! lol

I decided to make a HUGE wrap.....4 slices of Chicken, 1 slice of Provelone, 1 roma tomato chopped up and about 3 huge leaves of romaine chopped up! YUM!
I also tried my FIRST blood orange!! SO excited!!! I LOVE the flavor (and color!). It tastes like a combo of cherry and orange. I can't wait to go get some more! :D
And to end the lunch on a sweet note: (the pic would NOT come out, so I gave up!)

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p.s. I am definitely not commenting as much over spring break, but I am quickly staying touch! I'll be back full force soon (unfortunately...because that will mean spring break is over!).


  1. looks delicious! have a great day!

  2. omg, food porn! hahah.. that wrap looks incredible!

  3. That wrap looks sooo good!
    Hope you have fun shopping!

  4. Great eats! I've never had a blood orange - did you just get it at a regular supermarket??

  5. That wrap looks yummy!

    Hope you and mom have fun shopping :)

  6. That wrap looks amazing! I love the melty cheesy goodness :o) Thanks for the shout out, too! Enjoy your spring break!!

  7. yummmmy yummmy. that wrap looks amazing!

    have fun with your mom!

  8. Ya i LOVE blood oranges! Though a word of the wise: don't wear a white shirt while eating them! If you get a juicy one you'll end up looking like a butcher/serial killer. Hope you had fun shopping!

  9. goodness that wrap looks awesome :)


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