Gilmore Girls! lol I have every episode at my finger tips!! :D

My mom and I hit up Target...AGAIN! hehe This time we went to look at the massive amount of Markdowns! I tried on so much stuff and only got some $14 capris and a (Check this....) $3.45 SHIRT!! I'm such a bargain girl!
I forgot my camera this morning, but I had a banana as I was running out the door on my way to church. After church, when we went to Target, I got a Starbucks....HOWEVER, I have found a new (to me) and more economical way to enjoy Starby's. I got a tall brewed coffee filled about 2/3 full. Then I added my own skim milk and splenda to sweeten! about $2 or $3 cheaper! Score!

While at Target I had a sample of these. WOWZERS! This bite tastes EXACTLY like a bite of cheesecake......spot on. Seriously!

After Target, my mom and I had to stop and get gas. Then we saw a sign advertizing $1 drinks of any size! It's cold and rainy around here, so (even though I had already had coffee once today), we went in to make a cappuccino (gas stations are so much fun with all of the variety). However, I noticed that they had a strawberry banana ICEE that said it was 100 calories per 12oz and fat free (aren't all ICEEs though?! lol). Anyways, I haven't had an ICEE in forever, so I figured WHY NOT!?!!?
Now I am home and I just finished my lunch. I mixed together the other half of my sweet potato from yesterday, some black beans and a splash of egg beaters. Then I formed it into a burger like shape and broiled eat side for about 5 minutes and topped it with about 1/4c Mozz Cheese! Then, I saw some black bean and white corn salsa in the fridge and had to have some with a handful of Tortiall chips!
I also had some of these tasty greens on the side.
Enjoy this day! I hope you have more enjoyable weather in your neck of the woods!


  1. You're my hero!!! I love how you were able to get such great deals! Love it!!!! I get all giddy when I score on sales. Hahaha. GREAT EATS!!!

  2. your lunch looks amazing, and I kept seeing those cheesecake bars and wanting to try them. Should have gone to Target for a sample :P

    Glad you are having fun!

  3. GENIUS idea with your sweet potato patty!!!
    I am totally a bargain-shopper too. I don't know if I own many things that were full-price :)
    Glad you had a great day with your mom!

  4. Sounds like a fun day girl! :D

  5. Yahoo for Tar-jay buys AND free samples!! Just when you thought Target couldn't get any better!

    What a genius lunch!

  6. you are ONE creative girl you!!! I love that sweet potato cake idea!!! It really looks delicious....mmm

  7. I LOVE Gilmore Girls! I totally wish I lived in Stars Hollow and had Rory's wardrobe. Haha. Great DIY veggie burger idea!

  8. Yay for bargains. Love them!

  9. love the new clothes :) and great eats girlie!

  10. Very cute shirt. I need some Target action in my life soon. It's been too long.

    Love the sweet potato burger. Great use of leftovers.

    Yes, I made the switch to coffee with skim instead of my usual lattes. So much cheaper. If you ask for a misto or cafe au lait, they'll steam the milk for you. Not as cheap as just plain coffe, but much more affordable than the espresso drinks. Yum. I love caffeine. :)


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