G Three

Aka.....Gilmore Girl Game

Ok I dont know how this is going to be pulled off, but it seems like lots of you girlies like Gilmore Girls. Therefore, as I sit here doing homework, charging my ipod (and hoping it will HOLD it's charge, so I dont have to buy a new one) and (duh) watching GG.....I thought, why not do ONE MORE THING! Lol So the multi-tasker in me thought some of you may like to play along with me.

Here's the game:
I give you a few select quotes and you try to piece them together to tell me which episode they came from. Hey, I should have made this my giveaway....hmmm.....note to self! ;)

"Stay away from my donut Kirk, I mean it!!" -Lorelai

"Maybe they are Nicole's socks....You know, her gym socks...?!"- Lorelai to Luke

"Here Casper, you better use this {sun screen}" - Paris to Rory

"Maybe later I'll pants you for an altoid" - Paris to Rory

"Even if you took one of those pills that they were honkin' at the Super Bowl, you know; you should have been done after 4 or 5 hours tops. I mean that commercial said it all; if you are still active after 4 hours, you should call a dam* doctor" - Luke

Get at it Girlies!!!! :D If this is well received, it may become a semi-regular thing?!


  1. I love Gilmore Girls, but really only catch it once and awhile now, so I don't know any of the answers :(

    Good luck to everyone else!!

  2. OH...you're talking to a girl who's seen EVERY SINGLE EPISODE IN ORDER at LEAST 7 times!!!

    1. Season 4...not sure what episode but Lorelai says this when kirk is on his little bike pulling carriage and they are going to Luke's.

    2. You stumped me here!!

    3. This is so hard!!! Is this the spring break episode? Where Rory "meets" that guy and she keeps seeing him around?!

    4. Louise and Madeline are giving Rory and Paris tips on how they get guys!

    5. I give up. You need easier quotes!!!

    <3 I tried..

  3. Oh man, this is tricky stuff. I'm terrible at remembering which episode stuff comes from! Have fun multitaskin!

  4. 4. the episode where rory and paris go on spring break and louis and madeline are telling them how they can get guys to give them anything if they kiss eachother!


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