Stay tuned! EDITED

Hey! So I actually did take about 3/4 of the pictures of my eats today but I am tired and worn out, so those will be MIA until tommorrow!

GOOD NEWS! My mom informed me that a package came for me to the house.....and it contains your freebie I will be giving away the week after next!


So I certainly ate alot Friday (pear, apple, sammie, KEVA, etc etc), but that's yesterday's news!

We did hit up the movies last night though and saw Shopaholic and Push. Shopaholic was funny/cute (and a little scarry....are there really people out there like that!?? haha) and Push was no good. There was a steady stream of people leaving and we left about half way through!

Here are my movie snacks! (100 Calorie GS cookie pack, Almond M&Ms and a free trial of Bear Naked Granola!...it was a semi-dinner too?! lol)
One EXCITING thing did happen yesterday.....I got a package from my mom! (one last thing before the trip home!) CHeck it out!:
She sent me some of these new Girl Scout Cookies, which are 100 calorie packs (but different from last years....better!)
Check out that ingredient list.....it wont be winning any gold medals but at least they threw out the partially hydrogenated oils that were in last years packs.


  1. A giveaway??! Oh my! You have my attention =P

  2. I will forsure stay tuned!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hooray for packages! Hope you got some rest :)


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