RIP Mr. OVEN!!! :(

Yep, my oven is gone! It has been on the outs since Thanksgiving.....we figured this out when our turkey didnt cook and we had to bring it to our neighbor's house! Lol Anyways, we have been able to cook things, but we have had to heat it up to "550" degrees when actually the thermometer said it was only 250! Well, anyways, we were trying to make it work and yesterday my mom was broiling burgers for the boys and went outside and I was instructed to flip them in 5 minutes. Well, after about 3 minutes I heard this noise that sounded like a Jackhammer and ran to the back door yelling for my mom and meanwhile the oven was spraying sparks out at me......she ran in, we turned it off and my mom and dad were trying to figure out what to do while I searched on the internet to see what to do about electrical fires (it was a BABY one). Turns out you can use baking soda and turn off the breaker to the oven.The fire went out and I HAVE NO OVEN!! Boooooo!!! We have a pizza we were going to cook in the freezer and I have Kale (was going to make kale chips) and 2 sweet potatoes (hello, REAL sweet potato fries) and roasted veggies (tear).....My parents are trying to figure out whether to get it fixed or just get a new one.......$$$$

Either way, it wont be fixed before the end of this week so......Does anyone have any good ideas for KALE OR SWEET POTATOES?!?!?!

My eats have been uber boring this morning.....I had a banana, a flat out wrap grilled with provelone cheese and some more Breyer's FREE (hey, it's Calcium right?!). I think my mom and I stayed up too late gabbing/playing games and I had too many snacks so my eating is off! I do have some pics that I will upload later, but


I compiled up the entries and extended the numbers (out to 29) for those who did the required things for the second entry and here are the WINNERS:

4: K was the first to pop up on random.org, but she's not entering! Still deserves a shout out! Hey Girl! :D

7: Not Another Omni

29. Balance My Cake

Congrats Girlies! Email me at nutritiousisdelicious (at) yahoo.com with your physical address and I will mail them out!


  1. OH NO! Sorry to hear about the oven :( You could always microwave the sweet potato to "bake" it?

    Congrats to the winners and thanks for the shout out girl ;)

  2. How sad about your oven because kale chips are delicious!!!

    You could make sweet potato and black bean cakes.. they are really good. http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Spicy-Black-Bean-Cakes/Detail.aspx

    For the Kale, i'd sautee it up with a little earth balance, salt, pepper, and THYME!!

    I think that entry deserves a contest win ;) haha jk.

    Have a great day, hun!

  3. Yesssss that's when Luke sits outside of Nicoles apartment for like, EVER right? Because he thinks she's cheating on him!?
    I FORGOT ALL OF MY GILMORE GIRLS AT HOME!!! But I just told my sister to bring them when she visits, so all is well =]

  4. aw sorry about the oven :( hope it gets fixed soon!

  5. Aw your poor oven!!!

    I know you thought I died on the blogging world, but I'm back in action hahah just took a few days off! Oopsies!

    See ya tonight for S squared yesssss :)

  6. sorry about your oven! set up the BBQ?..

    I microwave my sweet potatoes- you could boil it and mash it, or grate it (raw) mix with egg and make sweet potato latkes? Or cut into thin fries and pan-fry?

    I have never had kale so can't help you with that one!

  7. Kale is so good just steamed in the basket with a little sauce on top - Annie Goddess dressing it awesome!
    I micro sp's all the time and the skin doesn't crisp up but they still taste great :)

  8. Oh yay! Sorry to hear about the oven. I'm not too secretive about my email so:

    notanotheromnivore (at) gmail (dot) com



  10. so sorry to hear about your oven :( if i had your address i'd send it some get well soon balloons :)

  11. Ah your oven catastrophe sounds really scary! I'm glad you didn't get burned! Sorry you missed out on the goodness that is kale chips. I went through a phase for a few weeks where every night I would eat an entire bundle's worth of kale chips! YUM! I'm a huge fan of baked sweet potato fries with natural ketchup!


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