It's NICE to be home!

HEy! SO awesome to be home! QUICK photo post so I can get back to the fam! :D

To start off my morning, I had a big coffee! Throughout the LONG drive, I had too much cereal, chex mix and a PBJ! Good and totally fun though!

[[[[[I bought a box for Alexa and I for the drive.....as you can see, she loves them too!]]]]]
[[[[Pit stop!]]]]So, we had to skip Quik Trip because it was so insanely rainy (the whole 9.5+ hour drive) and crowded and we missed the exit....and didn't want to deal with getting back on the crowded highway where you could only see like a little ahead of you....! HOWEVER I made up for it by eating about half of this when I got home! :D
[[[OMG!! Chunks of almonds, swirls of chocolate and a mocha flavored "ice cream" base.....PURE DECADENCE!!!!!]]]
Before that though, I ate an Amy's frozen dinner sprinkled with a bit of Parm Cheese. Both the "ice cream" and the Amy's meal, I had gotten for sale when I was here for Christmas break and figured that they would still be good when I came home for Spring Break! (I was right!). Plus, my family aren't quite the healthy eaters that I am on a regular basis and I won't be hitting up the grocery until tommorrow, so it was nice to have these two items!
Then I fell for a snackie that I found in the fridge! Spinach Dip with Target White Corn Tortilla Chips (my fave!).
Also my mom got me some of this Pomegranate Diet 7UP around Christmas time (because it is a limited edition and I could not find it at school) and has saved a 12 pack for me to try! Totally yummmmmm!! CHECK OUT that cute mini Coca~Cola glass I got at the Dollar Store a while ago! I love little dishes (see plate above.....lol....more cute and little dishes to come!)
As you can see....I eat a little bit different when I have a kitchen and actual CHOICES!
Edited to add: I will be posting the Giveaway sometime tommorrow or Sunday at the very latest! Enough suspense! You do not want to miss out!! ;)


  1. WHOA, hold the train! They have chocolate mini wheats? I'm missing out big time! And ahhhh chunks of almond in that ice cream??? *faints* I want! Hahaha, love your tasty eats!!!!

  2. $2.09 for an Amy's meal?! What a steal!

  3. wait WHAT?! I need to find me those bites as well!!

    I mean for my Toddler.

    Totally for the Toddler (wink).


    Cuuuuute dog!!

  5. So glad you are in the comfort of your own KITCHEN!!!!

    Hehe, I looove your doggies too :)
    AND AMy's bowls. Yummo

  6. Okay, seriously, you're adorable. I just thought I would throw that out there.

    And you know how you commented on my page awhile ago saying I should check out what you eat, because you tend to eat a lot but you're healthy and happy? YOU'RE TOTALLY RIGHT!! And it totally helps. =]

    I love your puppies, your eats, and YOU!


  7. I think we have the same glasses!! If so, then Lara from Thinspired has them too :)

    Glad you made it home safe and sound!

  8. Welcome home! Chocolate mini wheats sound amazing! We have a rather poor selection of cereal in the UK compared to the US. So sad :(

    Enjoy your trip, and I LOVE mini dishes too! And spoons! But my cups need to be huge :P

  9. delish eats!!! Have a great time at home. You deserve it.


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