Bottomless Pit

Yes, that would be me....I cant stop eating!??!?!?

This morning for breakfast, I munched on this Enjoy Life bar (I can think of many many better ways to enjoy life, but I got suckered into a coupon for these little guys?!?! mehh)
After church, we headed to Jason's Deli and I got a bowl of vegetable soup and THREE ICE CREAM CONES! :-D (Nothing new!)
Then I came home to do homework and ate all of this:
I only had one serving but I have to package these little guys up or I will eat the WHOLE box (that's no joke! haha)
One half of a PBJ (I decided to use up the heel while I was making sammies in advance for the rest of the week!)
Then I put my Almond Milk to good use............................
A sample size of Fiber One Caramel-y Cereal
A bowl of Post Honey Nut Shredded Wheat (plus the remaining handfull left in the box....I love cereal!)
That cute pink plaid spoon is from Pottery Barn Kids. My mom got me a little spoon, knife & fork set before I left for college. However, being that this is college, something was bound to happen to them, right?! Yea, I accidentally threw the knife down our trash shoot.....never too be seen again. So I had to go buy a little set from the Target $ Spot so I could have a knife. And that knife is worthless. The price you pay?! Just thought I would give everyone a little laugh! ;)

Where's all of the veggies!??!!? Dont worry they will be back in full swing when the week starts....or when these stressful tests are over?!

And now I am consuming a Campbell's Soup at Hand and a single serve bag of Kashi Fire Roasted Veg. Crackers (like the one pictured below) and am getting ready to head to a late night review session my Chem Professor is holding.......

If I am MIA for the next few days, it is because I am going to be stuDYING until Wednesday night. Thursday, I will catch you all up! :D

Cya midweek!
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  1. Good luck on your test! I'm with ya on being a bottomless pit! I can't get full!

  2. have a great time studying :) haha

    I really didn't like those carmel apple bars...for some reason I thought the flavor was really odd and just gross.

  3. gluck studying!!!

    hurray for cereal and Kashis!

  4. Haha stuDYING! I like that term ;)

    Good luck!!

  5. Good luck studying! I'm sending positive energy your way!

  6. cereak= I completely understand. its never ending in my eyes. i just keep eating it!

  7. Hope your tests go well! Good luck with studying, and oh my gosh, love your eats! I love those Annie's bunnie grahams!!!!! =D

  8. good luck with your test!

    food looks delicious :)

  9. good luck with your test!

    food looks delicious :)

  10. Hey girl :) love those kashi crackers and the fun silverware!!

  11. That Enjoy Life bar looks good! I can't find those around here.

  12. i love cereal too girl, one bowl is never enough.

    good luck on your studying my dear. Have a good night dear <333

  13. I'm having a similar week! At least everything you ate was healthy and nutritious ;) It's brain food, right?!

  14. I love those kashi crackers

    good luck on the test!


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