Second "home"

I made it safe and sound! :D Great driving weather too! I ended up eating animal crackers, cheddar Flip Sides crackers, honey comb cereal, a 22oz QT frozen coffee drink (aka liquid crack) and another diet coke float from sonic! I also ate almost half of a tuna fish sammie with lettuce (I couldnt eat the other half b/c it was tooo messy and hard to eat while driving and fighting off the strong wind!) and half of a not so messy PB&J (more PB, less J).
Alexa's mom packed her lunch......(cue: "awwww") P.S.....my mom would have packed my lunch too (she's cool like that), but I like making my own food when I have the option! Cooking (or even assembling food...haha) is fun! Which, by the way, is why my family loves it when I come home (among other things!) :)

Look at this 7-11 ad we parked by (BAD lighting, I know!)......ummm so when you are hired is that what happens....because I am not sure I want my head & hand to blow up!

Check out this billboard! Love it! (minus the lovely pole....thanks Lex! haha just kiddin'!)

I ate this sometime at home and it's really bad lighting BUT I wanted you to see my other GG mug!

Once we were home and done unpacking it was 6:00 and I was hungggrrrryy! So off to the fancy grocery store (aka....GOOD food options!) we went! I got some brown rice veggie sushi! YUM! It had advocado, cucs and carrot! Totally hit the spot and very filling (from all the rice and healthy fats!). When I came home I ate all of my dried pineapple (it was not very much...sad it's gone!) and now Im off to study, prepare for tommorrow and wait for the roomie to get home!
I will catch up with all of your lovely blogs tonight or tomm sometime! Keep commenting though! I love reading them!


  1. glad you had a good spring break! I like making my own food too, I know what you mean. Us food bloggers can be very particular about our food!

  2. I have never heard of those attune bars before!

    But haha, I love it when my mommy made my lunch. But now, I like making my sister's lunch for her. =D I'm that cool.

  3. Glad you got back safe!
    I love brown rice california rolls.. mmmmm
    Have an awesome Monday tomorrow!

  4. oh goodness - coffee drinks are delicious.
    glad your spring break went well and you made it home safe!!

    those attune bars cost a fortune at my stop & shop - I think like $12!

  5. I always see those Attune bars in the fridge section at the store, but I've never tried em! Nice billboard :)

  6. I ate so much dried pineapple today during my travels...


  7. Glad you made it back safe and sound!! Hah - what a BIG head on that 7-11 sign!


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