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Let's start off with the fact that (according to my mom), my puppies made a visit to the "real groomers" today (my mom does it herself for a while and we only bring them to the groomer occassionally). Anyways, here they are in our bathtub about a year ago! 2 MORE DAYS! :DOnce again, I am going to do a recap. I am actually liking this whole "recap idea" where I only take pics of new things or things I have not eaten in a while. Thoughts? (until I go home and get to actually bring variety back into my life!)

~2 Cups of coffee with splenda (Hey, it's Wed and I have 8AM classes!)
~1 Cup of Kashi Heart to Heart.....and I was studying and got bored, so I took this pic! (love this cereal!)
[[[[Check out that highlighting....I can't study notes without it!]]]]
~1 scoop of Cookies and Cream Gelato (ok, so this is new; but it was so good that I inhaled it! whoooops!)
~ Campbells Light Sodium Tomato Soup at Hand
~Almond M&M's (currently munching on these little babies!)
~Kashi Crackers

So the rest of my night includes sitting in my room with my nummy food and FDSC notes in my snowflake pajamas (Because it is all of the sudden freezing here today. Yesterday was a shorts and t-shirt kind of day and today I could not put on enough clothes!). Tommorrow is going to be hectic.......Food Science test in the morning, Art, come back to my dorm and do laundry (clothes and sheets), pack and bring it all to the car, church at night and One Guy's Pizza for dinner! Then friday........

According to The Fitnessista, "It's a lovely day for a giveaway!" Couldn't agree more!

Here's another giveaway from Eating Bender! :D

Check out this GIVEAWAY goodness!

ONE more worth checking out!!


  1. AWWWHHH sooo cute!
    And awwwh, heart to heart cereal is soo cute too! LOL! Hearts!

  2. Oh man...so..I'm embarrased but I have to admit that I read your title about three or four times before I finally figured out what you were saying...man I'm tired. It's freezing in Memphis too! It was in the 70's yesterday and now I think it's 35...damn global warming.

  3. Ahaha that face - I've so seen a similar one from my dogs when they're in the bath!

    And I love the pic of the kashi heart to heart. So adorable.

    p.s. I love highlighters tooo

  5. Mmm, love the cereal! I can't study without highlighting either.

    Have a nice day! :)

  6. i love that picture for some reason!! hahah its sooo cute!

    whatcha studyinn for girrrlie?!!?

    hope ya do well!



  7. love, love, LOVE Kashi heart to heart!

    have a lovely night :)

  8. bahahahaha! i was just looking at your blog and your puppy pictures because i saw your comment on erin's blog..and then i checked mine..and there was a comment from you :) i get excited over the DUMBEST things :)

    and im wayyy jealous of your highlighting skills. i always go way out of the lines when im highlighting..and then it just seems pointless to me lol.

    i want to steal your kashi heart to heart :)

    good luck on your test!!!

  9. ahhh cute doggies. my dog hates bathes and comes out looking like a wet rat haha

  10. Your puppy is so cute but it doesn't look happy in the tub!


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