ABC.... Easy as 1,2,3

A. You guys are awesome! (just thought I would remind you!)

B. I have a test in 5 hours! eeeeeek! Im so nervous (BUT Alexa and I are getting gelato at 3:30, so that should be fun!)

C. I have been taking pictures again today, so check back tonight for a recap.

D. I have a special giveaway coming up in the next week or two (nothing HUGE but you have to start somewhere and I am super excited!).

E. A ? for my Blogger friends: HOW DO I CHANGE THE TIME AT THE BOTTOM?! It is like 2 hours behind!

F.Has anyone seen this:

Starbucks is doing combo deals now............cool, but kind of wierd! haha I have never seen those sammies at any of my local Starby's, so I must be out of luck?!?! Anybody out there a huge fan?

See you later! TIME TO STUDY!


  1. I did see an ad for those starbucks sammies. Do you think they look good!?!?

  2. Good luck on your test!! So glad you're back!

  3. Haha it took me a while to figure out the time thing. Go to settings and then formatting I think'll do it.

    Gelato! I've only had ciao bella, never from a shop. I'm hoping you get a picture in.

  4. Hope all goes well!!!!
    Ummm, as for changing the time, I think you can change that through your profile settings? like your time zones?? =S

  5. Good luck on the test! Can't wait to see the pics - and yeah, saw that S'bucks is doing $3.95 meal deals and with new sandwiches too. Might go check it out tomorrow.

  6. Lol my time is sooo wrong...I just quit worrying about it lol..



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