It's not CHALLENGEing

Today has been crazy in a good way! I got up around 8:30, did some laundry and made a scrumptious BFAST!
Take these three items + 1 bowl + 1 spoon:

And get this:This mixture (as wierd as it may seem) was AWESOME!

For lunch I had the typical salad and then we went to the basketball game and I stole a few nachos from Alexa (hehe)!

I am back home for about an hour, chipping away at some Homework until we leave for dinner! We are going to Rudy's, so I will take a picture this time to make up for last time! We are also going to watch a Gymnastics Competition! Should be fun..............
My current snack: A GS cookie pack!
Challenge of the Week:
Take two or three boxes out of your cereal cupboard (or wherever your beloved cereal may be hiding....or not hiding!) and mix them together with ___(insert your chosen milk here)___. If you do the challenge, let us know how your combo turned out! This is my new favorite thing: Mixing Cereals.....as simple as it may sound! :D
Speaking of mixing cereal: get your shot at a FREE personalized cereal concoction!


  1. I'm not much of a cold cereal eater BUT I have gone crazy and mixed it up before, it's as good as you make it sound ;)

  2. Oh wow, I love cereal! And where did you happen to get those small containers of it? I think that is so cute!!!

  3. Well if you're forcing me to eat some cereal then I certainly am not objecting :)

    6 days!! I can't believe you left that out of your lovely post! ;)

  4. Lol mixing cereals does sound like a fun challenge idea...unfortunately I'm not a big cereal eater...doesn't keep me full enough...


  5. Those are two of my favorite cereals so I believe that it was totally delicious :) Or should I say...nutritious and delicious ;)


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