Take a Moment

Ummm....So I basically only have about
4 days left
until I head home. Can we all take a moment to acknowledge that?! Jump up and down, let out a scream of joy, sing a song, bust a move....whatever you feel is best! ;)

On another note, todays eats were so boring (still all great stuff!). Here is what I had......



-Single Serve Bag of Kashi Traditional Crackers

-Another Balance Pure Bar (same flavor....that's the only one the school offers.....come on man, variety.....it's the spice of life, right!?)

-A much needed and extremely delicious KEVACCINO :D (never fails to make me smile!)

-A big salad (romaine, sunflower seeds, hard boiled egg, broccoli, green pepper, black olives, noodles.....)

The one thing worth taking a picture of (yea I was just lazy today.....my bad!) is this delicious treat (half of it) I am currently enjoying (very slowly.....more like savoring!):
I actually keep these delicious cookies in the freezer because they get hard, but you can still break them in half and they thaw really fast. However, it helps me to slow my eating time and enjoy every bite. As it thaws and gets gooey, it tastes like cookie dough! Yum! The flavor is very fresh and lemony! A++

If you are a frugal foodie like me ,check out this sweet giveaway!! AND this one!!


  1. 4 days left until spring break, right? good luck with midterms?

  2. that cookie looks divine!

  3. Oh yes to four days left! And love your cookie!

  4. delish eats. only 4 days left!?!?! thats awesome!

  5. Where do you get the single serve bags of Kashi Crackers? Those would be perfect for on the go convenience!

  6. It looks very fresh and lemony :)

  7. Hi - Thanks for your comment on my blog! I haven't seen those cookies before, but it looks good. :-)

  8. yum! i love lemon poppyseed things! yay for going home!

  9. that cookie looks sooo good :)
    yay spring break is almost here for you!

  10. I would love it if my company gave us Spring break!

    The cookie looks wonderful!

  11. 4 days- wooo wooooooooo!

    I have never tried the balance pure bars- the cookie dough ones have my heart ;)

  12. yay your break is so soon!!! JEALOUS.

  13. Woo-hoo, only 4 days left. I just busted a move for ya. :)

    What's a Kevaccino? Whatever it is, I'm glad it made you smile.

    I love those cookies - what a good idea to freeze them!

    Thanks for the link love.


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