Get Me Through the WEEEK!!!!

This Friday around 1pm Alexa and I will be hitting the road to head home for Spring Break.... ***Shrieks of Excitement***

However, today is Sunday and I have a test on Thursday, so I can not freak out toooo prematurely (I'll do my best!).

I grabbed a Balance Pure Bar for breakfast this morning before heading to church. It was actually quite good (I have had it once before and thought it was not so great, but today I thought a smidge different). I am not going to tell you "it tasted like a brownie" because, seriously, it is pretty darn hard to match a hot, gooey, chocolatey brownie straight from the oven. However, it was dense and had an okay texture and flavor.

After church, we headed to Jason's Deli and instead of getting Vegetable soup, I went with a bowl of Southwestern Chicken Chilli. YUM! It was so thick and delicious! Alexa got a massive baked potato....she did her best to put it away; but honestly who could eat that huge thing (maybe my dad? lol). I have been working on homework and not what since (kind of resting and getting things organized).

Edited: HOLY MOLEY.....I FORGOT TO MENTION THE THREEEE ICE CREAMS I HAD!! :D Then again, it's Jason's so you should have known by now! lol

I just made my PBJ sandwiches for the week (Alexa and I share a loaf of bread each week because we can not eat 10 or 11 sandwiches in one week and we don't want to waste the bread....I always make mine and pack them up and give her the loaf to make hers for whenever....Im so nice, right?! haha). I used my heel to scrape out the very last of my PB and combined it with a smeear of Jelly for my pre-gym snack.

After the gym, I will be back with a dinner/afternoon post! Enjoy the rest of your weekend....it's just about over!

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  1. I feel like with natural bars, it takes either a few bites or a few bars to get used to, but once you do it's love love love!!!


  2. Oh wow, I have never tried those balance bars, but the flavor sounds good.

  3. I agree with Laura - when I first tried that bar, I hated it but as I kept eating it, it got better!


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