Someday I will look back on this and laugh

First and foremost, Thank you to Nicole and Sharon for helping me change the timestamp at the bottom! :D

Ok, so my day has been a little wierd.....
1) I saw that I had a zero posted for my POLS test and freaked out. Well, I thought you were not supposed to write on the test booklet (and just write on the scantron). Turns out, if you dont write on the test booklet, they think you didnt turn one in and/or stole it, so you get a ZERO! gah......that's what happens when you get too many things on your mind. HOWEVER, he drops the lowest test grade and those tests are easy, so I need to just MOVE ON!
2) I just got back from my Chem test and think I made a 96! (This is my calculated grade from comparing with other students....) However, either way, I think I did good! Really good b/c it was really hard!)
Here is what I brought with me for my trek around Campus today.

PB&J on whole wheat, a banana, an apple, a Quaker True Delights bar that I got free in the mail (it didnt stick together well and it was kinda mediocre.....not sure what the hype is all about!?) and another mediocre bar: Enjoy Life Caramel Apple Bar. Some good (not great) bars.
Ok, I have a confession: I love my Food Tech Magazine. You can have People, Seventeen (by the way, why am I still getting those in the mail?! lol), Food Network, Self and everything else.......just give me my FOOD TECH MAG! haha Anyways, does that front cover catch anyone else off guard? "Rethinking Dietary Saturated Fat". For someone whose Uncle just had a heart attack last night (keep him in your prayers) and a dad who struggles with his weight, I am not sure what my reaction to the article will be. I know that advacados, nuts and what not have good saturated fats in moderation, but overall.......... I will give you a summary when I have actually read the article...... WHAT IS YOUR TAKE FROM JUST THE TITLE?!?!!?
Skim Milk!
My New Addiction: Pistachio Gelato....I paid $2.15 for that cup after my student discount and am in LOVE! It is so creamy and flavorful and apparently 93% fat free?! Nevertheless, this will definitely become a regular item!! YUMM! {{{Alexa's Cone is in the background!}}}
Carbs to get me through the studying!
Then I stole a handful of Alexa's pretzels...(okay, so I ate half the bag.....that's what friends are for! haha Thanks girl! :D)
I have been emailing my Hospitality Services begging that they serve Sweet Potatoes along with their regular potatoes and they finally are! :D However, I got one of the mammoth potatoes tonight and it was a bit too mushy.....I ate half.......partly because it was too mushy and partly because it was wayyy huge!!
After my Chem test, I was hungry!! I had some yogurt and dried fruit (ate after uploading, so I re-used pics.....but some pics are better than none!)
I cant wait to catch up on everyone's blogs and get to the weekend (Two more days!)!


  1. Oh glad everything worked out with the time stamp! =D

    And oooohhh good to hear that he drops the lowest mark!

    Absolutely love your eats!! I want to try gelato! Seriously, I haven't jumped on it yet! lol!!!

  2. good luck studying! and i'm curious about this new revelation about dietary saturated fat...

  3. I need to change my time stamp too! CONGRATS on the chem test!! That's annoying about your POLS test though :(

    I don't like the True Delights much either. Hope your Uncle recovers well!!

  4. Haha you and your (well, technically my) pretzels!
    You're a funny one...

    8 days! :)

  5. Sorry to hear about your uncle! Keep us updated?..

    YAY for sweet potatoes- I decided that I don't actually like regular potatoes much so props to your school for serving them! :) I have never had gelato- I always imagine it to be like an Italian ice. Is it icy or like ice cream?

    Enjoy your Thursday!

  6. Great Eats!
    Have a wonderful Thursday!

  7. Love the pillowcase! :-)
    Your gelato looks delicious!


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