Is it my Birthday?!?!

I have about 5 minutes before I have to be downstairs and in Alexa's car for Pizza and Paradigm (bible study). Someone clock me.......

Gelato! TIRAMISU Gelato to be exact (and it reminded me of a creamier version of my QT Frozen coffee love!)! Yea, I know, I just had some yesterday; but seriously, this stuff CANT be beat!!!!! A quick snackie! I also had my Luna Teacake this morning, which was delish (I have had one before!) And a salad/fruit combo for lunch!

DUN DUN DUN!! I have the BEST cousin in the world (sorry guys, but it's true!). She is so sweet, loving, caring and just about any other good adjective you can think of! :D So being the best cousin ever and all, she sent me the biggest package I have ever recieved at school! (I have no clue what that number means; but whatever, we'll go with it!).

HELLO! A fabulous purse with a satin-y interior and tons of compartments! I will totally make good use of this baby! (sorry for the wierd pic) [[All of that stuff covering my bulletin board is all cards (mostly homemade ones from my mom; but also tons from my aunt and the best cousin in the world)......gotta love family!]]
Her new favorite tea (and by the smell of it, possibly MINE!). Some super cute cupcake cards and a coin purse, which is perfect for my laundry quarters! I have been storing them in a Zip-loc....(boring!)

An obbsession of mine! AND I can't get them at home or school because there is no Whole Foods nearby (but, my trusty cousin NEVER lets me down!)

Her adorable card that she sent to me!

Apparently, I had ALOT to say! :D


  1. Tiramisu gelato - hold me back! That is my ultimate favorite flavor!

    What a fantastic package! You do have a nice cousin!!

  2. omg gelato = too good for words!!!

    your cousin is TOO sweet, but you deserve such a lovely package! =)

  3. What an awesome cousin!! : )

  4. AWWWHHH, that is sooo sweet! And oh my gosh, I have never tried Gelato before!!! I need to get some now!! LOL!!!

  5. OMGGGGG. that gelato looks freaking amazing. ive only had tiramisu once in my life - and i honestly dont think i have EVER had gelato..so you should freeze some of that and send it via overnight mail :)

    you're cousin definately does seem like the best cousin ever - my cousin would NEVER mail me stuff like that lol

  6. YAY I love that flavor of Fuze! Gelato = true love, yum! And that purse is gorgeous!! I'm a purse fiend so I'm lovin' it!!

    Catch ya later girlie!!


  7. Aww that is so sweet of your cousin! She sounds like a keeper! You're taken care of on all fronts..coin purses, food, real purse, dang! That gelato looks heavenly. (Pre-vegan) tiramisu was my FAVEEEEE dessert. I'm just not convinced you can make vegan tiramisu, but maybe I'll prove myself wrong. Sounds like you had a great day!

  8. Great stuff!! That purse is a-dorable!!! And the gelato looks amaazing. Hope it was enjoyable!

  9. Happy birthday!!!

    That sweet & spicy tea is SO good... hard to believe it's not loaded with sugar!


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