I don't want that job!

The weather was 80 yesterday and our lovely weatherman (lol) predicted it was going to snow and be blizzard-y today. I didn't believe him. He was SPOT ON! Oh my....it was/is SOOOOOO cold today! Yesterday I had on shorts and today I had on 2 shirts, a zip up jacket, a wool coat and all of the winter accessories! (And was STILL cold....go figure!).

Anyways, I was working on a Biology outline for a presentation and thought "what else could I be doing right now?". Being a studious student and all, I thought of blogging! ;)

I had a Choc. Chip Clif ZBar this morning and a nice, juicy plum for breakfast with a big mug of that tea I have pictured in the previous post. I hate to say it, but Celestial Seasonings Sugar Cookie Tea just got dethroned! ALERT THE MEDIA! This stuff is bursting with so much comforting flavors, you would think I put a load of sugar and spices in there...nope! Just one tea bag of GoodEarth Sweet and Spicy Herbal Tea! Oh man.... you must (see, that's not a suggestion!) find this tea!!!!

Lunch was the usual Friday Sammie with some friends in the dining hall! Today's included Boar's Head Mesquite Turkey, Colby Jack Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Black olives, Green pepper on Wheat Berry Bread Grilled to perfection! (and a few chips!).

And to stay on the good eats track I have been cruising down all day, I decided to break out the COOKIES! If you have yet to try these cookies and have a Whole Foods anywhere nearby.....well, shame on you! (hah just kidding!). Words can't describe:

I happened to find this article on Yahoo and was wondering what ya'll thought about it! I, obviously, am not afraid off Splenda; but I am wondering if this might be another sugar alternative. Don't get me wrong, regular sugar is just fine in moderation; but I find myself reaching for the splenda packets when I drink two cups or so of coffee (that might be a little overload on sugar at 7:30AM!). Anyways, what are your opinions? This new & natural sweetener, Splenda, Equal,... the real stuff?
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  1. I agree, Sugar Cookie Tea tastes like it should be horrible for me and I love it!! haha.

    My thoughts on sweeteners ... in an ideal world, I wouldn't use any because there seems to be someting "wrong" with them all. Buuuut, I drink a lot of tea and I must sweeten my tea, ha. Sooo ... my husband's and my sweetener of choice is Truvia. We like the taste and feel it is a better alternative to Splenda because it's more natural.

  2. ahaha i love the sugar cookie tea :)

    the creme sandwich cookies look delicious!

  3. Hum, I consume splenda from time to time. But I try not to have it as one of my bulk resorts to sugar. Then again, it is just one yogurt that I know of that uses splenda to sweeten it. Other than that, I don't really use sugar for other things....

    Anyways, I should definitely try that tea!

  4. Truvia = yes. I use it because it seems to be the most natural no calorie sweetener out there - it's made from a ground up leaf!

  5. Hey I saw your comment on Veggie eats just wanted to let you know I did try the think thin bars a while back I forgot which flavor I thought they were pretty good! My favorties are still Luna bars though. Love your blog by the way!

  6. Don't you hate it when Mother Nature plays cruel tricks like that?!

    I'm guilty of the splenda addiction but I am now reforming my habits - ironic that you should post this today, you'll get a kick out of my post tomorrow ;)

  7. ill be one hundred percent honest with you - if i have to have sugar, i go with the real stuff. it just seems, more natual? lol. i dont want to eat fake stuff!!!

    hope you have a great weekend girl! we're supposed to get that snow tomorrow :(

  8. I'm a splenda girl, and until my dietetics professor tells me that Truvia is safe, I'm sticking with the Splenda!!! =]

  9. Something is going to kill you in the end so I don't worry about it. Plus Stevia has been consumed abroad for years...and Splenda, Splenda is just sugar with an added chlorine so...

    I guess I just don't really care ya know? Do I use them? No, but I don't care if they sneak in my food. I only avoid them because I find they sometimes hurt my stomach, not because I'm afraid of them.

    Of course I know I'm a lot less worked up about this than a lot of people and I contribute that to my food science background...


  10. I'm such an obsessive person about eating organic, local, seasonal, yadayada so it bugs me that I'm so hypocritical in my love of artificial sweeteners! I've REALLY cut back since I've been in recovery...these days I only have 1 can of diet coke in the morning, and maybe 1-2 times a week I'll have a little stevia added to something, but in general I try to avoid that type of stuff. I know having some fake sugar every now and then won't kill me, but I also don't think it's healthy to eat/drink loads of it! Plus anything that has a laxative effect kinda brings up a red flag in my mind lol. That tea sounds great! I'll have to hunt for it!

  11. +10000 on the Good Earth tea!!! It's fabulous without sweetener- perfect! Glad you like it too!

  12. HI there!

    I was a bit alarmed with your post, when you said that you do use splenda. You know, I was one of the splenda-people too back then! but I stopped...it was because of the side effects that I got from it. It actually made my hormaonal imbalance worst. and boy, a lot of headaches! I even had difficulty in digesting food!...I suggest you try STevia, which I am using right now...it's a natural sweeterner, and it is SAFE. You could google about it if you wat. hope this post helped you decide ;) just in case, feel free to visit my blog too at www.aubreynicolelee.blogspot.com thanks! ;)


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