Perfect end to the Night!

As of tommorrow there will be 12 days until SPRING BREAK! Can you tell I am excited?! I will be seeing my aunt (she leaves about 3 days after I get home), my family, my puppies!! and my old friends! Can't wait! I do have a BIO test the monday I get back, but lets not think about that right now! ;)

Today, Alexa and I were planning on going to KEVA early; but of course, we didnt get there until 11 (sleeping in when you can is a must! lol). Anyways, my tummy was grumbling around 10, so I got creative. Nothing was sounding good and then I remembered I had some random tortillas Alexa and I had bought to split between the two of us..........and I have MaraNatha's PB (HELLO!). So here are the culprits...........
And the final product!
Yep, I just dipped straight into the jar....it's ok, I am the only one who eats it! It was super delicious and simple at the same time. I used one tortilla and .....enough PB to go around! :D
Then came my beloved KEVACCINO!
While doing laundry and what not a bit later, I ate an apple and some Hannah Montana dried fruit snacks. Yea, you read that right! Not a total HM fan (though it is fun to joke around about!).....BUT when I saw these little boxes next to the raisins, I was totally up for a little change. The verdict: YUM! Will purchase again!
The mix consists of raisins, dried blueberries and "pomegranate chips"....so much more fun to eat than regular old raisins! And it lasts longer because you actually want to savor each individual flavor!
For dinner, Alexa and I went to a place called Rudy's. SO FUNNY because it is such a funny place....wayyyy country! ahahha However, we had a free $5 giftcard that we won at a girl's bball game, so we decided to give it a try! Anyways, the menu is limited, but the food was awesome. I got a turkey sandwich (LOTS of sliced turkey on a white hamburger bun). Sounds boring but the meat was so flavorful and perfectly cooked. I forgot my camera in the car, but it we go again......................
And then we went to the second bball game of the day (Boys in the Afternoon & Girls at night!) haha At the game, we decided to splurge on some Sheridan's Frozen custard. HOLY GUACAMOLE! YUMMMMMMM Mine had one scoop of vanilla and one scoop of chocolate with crushed oreos and strawberries and Alexa's was all vanilla with oreos and M&M's. Total Holy Yum (as VeggieGirl would put it!)

The Picture totally does not do it justice!
Can you tell I am a "creamy/cold" girl..........if not, just check out tommorrow's post! :D (hint: it's sunday!)
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  1. I. Love. "Pomegranate chips"!!!!!
    There is something so addicting about them!!

    Delicious eats today, really!!!

  2. Frozen custard?! Never heard of it but what's not to like?

  3. The PB Tortillas look great!!!! Awesome idea. Glad the Miley snacks were good ! Have a great Sunday!

  4. perfect ending, indeed! I, too, joke about HM! (I got her folders for school)
    HAPPY SPring breAK!!!

  5. I've been to Rudy's! The one in TX right?


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