What can I say?

I have been thinking about this all day (off and on): I miss doing my food blog. It has been a month since I decided to stop and I truly do miss it! I have been thinking about it because I do not want to start it back up only to bring it down again in the near future. However, I have decided I am ready to take on the challenge!

What can I say? I love food and reading food blogs and I just want to participate in the fun! ;) So from here on out I plan on doing a nightly post recapping the day's food with pics. I always have extra time at night to read all of ya'lls (there's the Texan in me) food blogs, so why not spend a little time on my own! I hope you enjoy and leave comments along the way!

Let the journey begin! (agian...!)

P.s. If you are a "Fabulous Foodie" that I have yet to discover, leave a comment so I can add you to my blog roll!


  1. Yay - glad you're back. Blogging is such hard work - and gosh taking pictures of everything you eat is probably super challenging. That said, I missed the updates :0)

  2. Hi Emily!

    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog! I just started mine about 3 weeks ago, so I'm feeling all the hard work it is - but you're right, it is so fun!


  3. Blogging is addictive isn't it? I find that it not only relieves the daily stresses of life, but also helps to create a positive attitude for the next day. I love blogging, but sometimes I take a break because of life's callings, but I'm thinking about it the whole time.

    Happy blogging!

  4. I'm a new food blogger who is also a college student... and I am totally jealous of your major, BTW. I would love to study food science!

  5. Hello!
    I just found your blog and LOVE it. Can't wait to read more ;]


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