Fun with Funfetti!

HEY! So dinner was a surprise Belated Birthday Dinner for my friend Kristen at a steak restaurant. Her parents were going to be coming up this weekend and wanted to surprise Kristen by having Alexa and I show up at the restaurant! It was so nice of them and so much fun! I did not get a steak, but I did get a huge plate from their salad bar with so many pastas and different kinds of salads I was STUFFED by the end of the meal.

However, not so stuffed that I could not enjoy a slice of the funfetti cake that her mom made earlier that day and brought to the restaurant! YUM! It reminded me of the olden days! Does anyone else remember the good old boxed mix of funfetti cake?! It pretty much rocks! haha Our waiter was awesome and SOO nice ...... he brought us out some ice cream for our cake. He greatfully accepted our offer of a big slice off cake to take home with him! Too Fun!

After the wonderful meal, we headed back to Kristen's house to get a break from the dorm room and enjoy each other's company! We played dice/card games and ended the night playing with her kitty before heading "home". What a great night! And one more time: Happy Birthday Kristen! :D

Tommorrow morning Alexa and I are headed to KEVA to study and get some yummy smoothies! Cya then!!


  1. glad you had a good night :) sounded like lotsa fun!

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed your meal out! I loved confetti cake as a kid! I hope you have a great weekend.I am Loving your positivity!

  3. funfetti cake! isn't food SO much more tasty and fun when they have funky colors!

  4. That cake was YUMMY and our waiter was so funny...
    "I don't want to impose or anything" and then one second later he whips around the corner with a plate for himself haha!

    Good times :)

  5. Oh man I used to LOVE funfetti. Especially in cupcake form. So cute.

  6. funfetti cake! YUMMM. love all of the colors of those cakes too. haha

  7. I made my boyfriend funfetti for his birthday...I spent a month trying to come up with something fancy...but in the end that's all he wanted. Boys.

    Although it is delicious...



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