It's a Fluke.....

Amy's Low Fat Butternut Squash Soup that is!! (usually I can't get enough of Amy's!) I thought it would be thick and creamy. Oh NO! It was like vegetable broth with grainy bits of butternut squash floating around and visible oil dispersed throughout (an unappealing amount). I ate about 1/3 of the can and the rest went down the drain! Sad, I know!Anyways, now I am pulling a total college move and eating popcorn. (If I was at home I would throw some roasted veggies in the oven or heat up an Amy's Pizza in the oven or .......ya I miss my oven and all of those options!) I will probably break open my last yogurt later.
Fact of the Day: (Not FDSC fact because I have something funnier to tell you and I dont feel like being intellectual at the moment.....hahah!)

Ok so my mom sent me a package about a week and a half ago and she keeps asking me if I have gotten it....sadly, I keep saying no! Then, tonight, she calls and tells me that she found the receipt and turns out that the package was sent to Pennsylvania because the lady at the Post Office entered the zip code in wrong! hahahh! It was really funny! (and nice to know that my package is not totally lost somewhere).

P.s. Bigger Pics it is! :D


  1. aww im sorry the soup wasn't that good.
    i have that can sitting in my pantry haha

  2. Sorry about the bummer of the soup :(

    Hope you get your package soon!

  3. Aww, hope you get your package soon!

  4. Sorry about the soup, but thanks for the heads up about it! Hope your package comes soon!

  5. urgh, that sucks about the soup! I love butternut squash soup though, and always make my own because it's just so EASY! I'll give you my recipe if you want.
    haha, all the way to pennsylvenia?

  6. Hey, thanks for checking out my blog =)

    That's surprising to hear about Amy's soup, since her products always get rave reviews in the blog realm!

    Oh no, I hope there wasn't anything critically important (or delicious) in that lost package!

    Good luck with bio studying!

  7. Sorry the soup wasn't too great! If you have a Trader Joe's near you, you should try their squash soup because it's amazing. Enjoy your Sunday!

  8. aw so you wont be getting the package then :(? well maybe someone else will be graced with it lol :)
    have a great night hun

  9. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog!!! Sorry about your let-down soup :(
    <3 jess :)

  10. I'm sorry Amy's didn't live up to the usual great expectation!!!!! I have a can of Amy's veg. chili in my cupboard that I've been meaning to try....

    Have a great Sunday!!!!!!


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