Collages in College

Totally dumb title....Im tired! haha

Let me start off by saying how sweet you all are! ;)

Todays eats were fun (well except for breakfast, which you could probably guess without a pic). Dont worry I am going to the store tommorrow to pick up some new goodies, so next week will be a fresh start! :D


CLIF ZBAR! [[I wanted it to be an action shot....and I was in class, so that is what you get! lol]]
Lunch was fantastic but my camera was MIA! Every friday some of my friends and I meet up for lunch at the SUB and I always treat myself to an overpriced, but delicious sammie! I usually get what I chose today: Turkey, Muenster Cheese, Lettuce, Red/Green Peppers, Black Olives and Mustard between two thick slices of fresh Whole Wheat bread. So simple, yet delicious. I willl def. take a pic next friday!

After lunch my Bio group and I attacked our outline for an upcoming project. After an hour and 20 minutes, we were good to go. Then I headed to my friend Kristen's house to work on a project for Art. This is where I was until about 15 minutes ago. Long (but fun!) day/night.

Snack at some point: (yum!)
What exactly were we doing, you ask? Making collages. I had no clue what to do so I just ran with it and said "come what may"; which actually made it more fun!

FIRST, I will tell you about dinner. Before we realized it, the clock said 7:3o and we had yet to eat dinner. Therefore, we headed over to market street to grab a quick salad. Some highlights were: Field greens buried beneath, about 3 tortellini, spinach/noodle salad, chicken, broccoli/hummus, green peppers, marinated zucchini.....
Before we left, we grabbed a sweet treat to enjoy at home. However, we enjoyed it so fast that I failed to take a pic of it. Here is an old pic that certainly does it justice!
And here is my final collage! Kristen drew the stove for me, I painted the floor, ceiling and stove and collaged everything else on from cutouts in magazines! It was lots of fun, even though it took WAY too much time! One funny thing is the lady was cut off at the bottom of her apron so I had to add on some random legs. It's kind of obvious (but in an artsy/collage like way) when you see it up close and personal!


Ooop....Cant forget the
Fact of the Day: (these are true facts...not really "science-y")
Annual per capita consumption of food per year = 1,450lb. per year.
46% of our US Food bill represents food eaten away from home!


  1. I love that collage! Very Pop-Arty. I've seen those almonds at the store... are they good?

  2. thanks for the comment :)
    great eats!! everything looks so yummy!
    have a great weekend!

  3. that collage is really cool girl, you are an awesome artist! :)

  4. love that collage! for some reason, it makes me want to travel to the seventies and put on a funky apron and make casseroles and jell-o! haha!

  5. I love your collages! How did the almonds taste? Looks like a fun snack :)

  6. Aw Em!!!
    Your collage is SO FREAKING CUTE!!! I love it.

    Do you think you'll get back after it's graded? I sure hope so because that's a keeper :)


  7. Hey girl! I love Muenster Cheese so your sub sounds so good to me! Pretty collage! Have a fabulous Vday

  8. Ooo those cocoa almonds look delish. Nice collaging!

  9. Awesome collage. I bought some of those almonds today. They are DELICIOUS!


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