Never Ending To-do List

Yes, I have one....I bet many of you do too?!

This morning I was dead tired...like my eyes would not stay open and I pressed snooze 5 times. However, I still made it to my 8AM class.....On the other hand, I had no time to grab coffee before (BAD mix!). My 9AM class (Chem) didn't leave time for coffee either, so by 10AM it was not the question of whether I wanted coffee.....I needed coffee! haha Breakfast was a banana and clif bar....I PROMISE I am getting some innovative items at the grocery store this weekend! lol

[[[[[I am always eating on the go!!!]]]]]

Anyways, after Bio, some of my friends and I met up at the Student Union for lunch. As I said last friday, we always make our fridays extra special with sandwiches from the specialty sandwich shop! :D Mine was similar to last week's: Boar's Head Turkey, Meunster Cheese, lettuce, tomato, red/green papper, black olives and mustard sandwiched between two thick slices of wheat berry bread! MMMM!

[[[[[ They are served with chips.....I ate about 2....Potato Chips have never been too appealing to me!?]]]]]

[[[[[ The other half is still wrapped up!]]]]]

Now I am getting ready to do a bit of homework and hit up the tennis courts! Enjoy the rest of your day! ITS THE WEEKEND......finally!
P.s. Do you have an Annie's product sitting in your fridge, pantry or w/e!? You do...http://www.annies.com/freeyearsweeps......Check it out!


  1. Yum - Muenster cheese!! Hope you got your coffee :)

    Thanks for the Annie's link!!

  2. sandwich looks delish! i have never been a chip person either. The newton apple crisps really don't have the best ingredients, but i bought them in a moment of weakness! :)

  3. I love bananas nice and ripe like that one! Yummm.
    Hehe, actually I DO have an Annie's product in my pantry--WW Mac & Cheese brought all the way across the Atlantic. My favorite :)

  4. I definitely have a never ending to do list! And eating on the go is crucial for me, I'm always going somewhere. Thanks for all of your positive support! Have an amazing weekend

  5. there is something about a sandwich wrapped in colorful paper that just makes it look so much more delicious!!!

  6. love your sandwich!

  7. Thanks for the link- I'm gonna win! But so will you... if not, I'll share!!!

  8. I love the elevator picture! haha

  9. Definitely entering the sweepstakes... :)


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