What is it?

As I said yesterday....I was going to one of my favorite casual restaurants today. But we will get to that later.
First off was church. I picked up my friend around 9AM and she brought me a small container of skim milk (I basically had nothing left but 3 Clif Zbars and some popcorn). Make that 2 Clif Bars because I ate one in the car for "breakfast".

Afterwards, we went a tad bit out of the way to wash 'Rolla (the name for my car). I dont know if it is all of the wind here or the plethora of birds (you know...), but my car is constantly dirty! I try so hard to keep it clean; but man, when you have to pay $8 each time (the cheapest option)because you dont have a hose to do it youself, it starts to add up! Needless to say, I shelled out the $8 today....I couldnt take it anymore!

And Now for the time you have been waiting for......What is my favorite causal restaurant of all times? JASONS DELI. Some of you are probably scratching your heads thinking...ummmm....!!? However, I beg to differ. Sure their sandwiches are yummy and the Vegetarian Vegetable soup that I got was warm, comforting, delicious, etc...BUT Jasons is amazing because of their soft-served ice cream. Yep, I cant leave there without consuming 3 cones. It's my limit. I tried consuming 4 once, but i had a stomach ache (lol)! I am an ice cream LOVER and this stuff just sends me through the roof! When I got my wisdom teeth taken out, my wonderful mother would go to Jasons and bring me a home a to-go cup full of ice cream (a true dream). Anyways, this is the one time I will splurge and have no problem eating 3 ice cream cones once a week (We usually go each Sunday!).

Thankfully, after Church, a MUCH NEEDED carwash and a fabulous lunch....I was able to hit up the grocery store. Here is what I ended up buying: (you will be seeing it all throughout the week!)
I also ran to the mall and treated myself to a pair of jeans. Technically speaking, I am not sure if it was truly "treating myself". I mean when you only do laundry once a week, you need more than 2 pairs, right? Especially when it's cold and you are not able to wear shorts once in a while.

Afterwards, I came home and (surprise surprise....) Studied!! It was great fun (Life Cereal helped me along the way....I had a few too many extra handfulls!...haha). Also, to make up for my light lunch, I had an open faced PBJ. I desperately needed a break from Poli Sci; so around 6, Alexa and I headed to the gym. I have not been in about a week or so because I had a really bad cold/flu syptoms. However, I am all better now and it felt good to sweat a little.

Dinner was simply a salad. It was very refreshing and just what I was in the mood for. I kept it simple with a bit of spinach and romaine, carrot shreds, black olives, green pepper, broccoli and some light Italian dressing (sorry no pic!)

For my nightly snackies I chose these two items:

Another Activia Light (yea I used the same pic....sneaky!)

Choclate Chunk Chex Mix Bar (love that chocolate!)
There are only 5 MORE WEEKS until spring break! I am so excited to see my family and my beloved little puppies. They are waiting for me.....counting the days!
Fact of The Day:
Cooking losses of some essential nutrients (i.e. vitamins) can be more than 75% (ouch!). Also, steam tables (the things that keep food warm in cafeterias or while they are waiting to be served) can destroy many of the vitamins in foods.

Ok, Time to stop thinking about Food (darn!) and start thinking about Political Science! WOO Tommorrow is supposed to be crazy windy around here and possibly rainy. I have 6 different classes tommorrow, so it should be interesting to see how my day pans out. Until then....


  1. Jason's deli soft serve is amazing! We have one here in town and I go there sometimes just for that!

    I am also obsessed with the french onion and brocolli cheese soup!


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