And I thought Mondays were CRAZY!

Hey guys! Wow loooong day....anyways, I have lots I want to write and like no time to write it, so I will surely do a longer post next time!

Here's the eats! Lunch was an unpictured SALAD(romaine, spinach, sunflower seeds, light italian dressing, carrots, broccoli, noodles....)!

[[[[[YUM!!!.....I totally forgot about the recall until about half way through this.....However, according to Kashi this bar is not afffected......I still wouldn't take any chances!]]]]]

{{{{Granola can really kick your yogurt up to the next level!}}}}

{{{Not quite as photographic as yesterday's, but still utterly delicious!}}}
One thing I do want to tell you about is the basketball game! Alexa and I went to the girl's basketball game tonight and it was all about breast cancer awareness. They dropped down streamers, handed out free pink T-shirts, etc, etc,! It was alot of fun, but it also made for a late night!

After the game, I ate the sample sized Fiber One Cereal (It was really good. Then again, I have had it before.....but it's kind of sweet, so if you do not have a sweet tooth, it's probably not for you!) we were given for free from General Mills as we left the game and (since there was still some milk left in the bowl....and I was still kinda hungry)....I ate some Post Honey Nut Shredded Wheat! Oh and I had a Mott's No Sugar Added Applesauce (I have one basically every night!).

And while I am waiting for my pics to load.....
Fact of the Day:You know how sometimes you will see big industrial food trucks with big tanks driving down the road?! Well, sometimes, the ones that carry fruits and veggies will be equipped with a device that allows the driver to spray the produce with liquid Nitrogen periodically, to cool the foods and slow spoilage!


  1. Glad the cereal was good for ya!

    Final score was 80-72 :(

  2. My roomie bought that caramel Fiber One cereal by mistake once, and it was SO sweet! We couldn't believe it. The smell of it also won't wash off your hands for DAYS, which is sort of disconcerting haha

  3. Cereal...the perfect beginning, the perfect ending.


  4. ooh caramel delight? that cereal screams skyrockets in the name alone.

    (bad, baadd pun, though i try)

    and liquid nitrogen spray? i wonder if thats another reason to wash those fruits. any idea how liquid nitrogen becomes safe in recipes?

  5. What a fun basketball game! And that chocolate piece looks awesome. Hope you're getting some rest after your long day!

    love the kashi bar too!

  7. I love motts applesauce!! I have soo much of it in my dorm! OH, and very interesting fact! <33

  8. omg, that's the first time I saw that kind of hershey kiss! it looks soooo good!
    yay for cereal! love it with yogurt and cinnamon~

  9. Yikes... not exactly an appetizing thought!

  10. Hm...interesting about the fruits and veggies. The game looked like fun - love the packed dinner :)


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