Howdy Ho Ranger Jo!

Does anyone else remember that episode of Full House?! haha

Ok, so I didn't wake up today until 10!! I needed that sleep. Anyways, after getting ready I ate a PB&J and some yogurt.


Then I forced myself to go to the library, so I could study BIOL without any distractions. I stayed there from 11:30-4 and I still don't feel ready for this test! eek! My study snack consisted of some Powerade Zero and a YUMMY Kashi Blackberry Graham Bar.
Afterwards, I came home and ate two very orange-y items. The fruit was super juicy and sweet! The cookies did not change from the last time I ate them (lol!), so they still have a gross after taste, but not SO bad that I am going to throw all of the 6 remaining packages away......

Then Alexa got back home (She was gone this weekend visiting her parents) and we headed to the grocery store to restock! On the way we snagged a much needed, extremely delicious KEVA....... :D The Keva filled me up quite well; but I am currently sipping on a Campbell's Soup at Hand because it's warm and sounded good! I may grab a few pita chips later if I get hungry. Then again, it's already 8pm so they probably won't be necessary?!
Before I let you go, I must show you these cute tennis balls that Alexa's mom got me for Valentine's! They are so cute and now we have a perfect reason to hit the courts and sharpen our skills!
Tommorrow is Monday, which means I have 6 classes back to back to back to back with only a one hour break (oh and a BIOL test on top of it all!). However, I am not here to be Debbie Downer, so have a super fantastic Monday! I promise to get back to all of your wonderful blogs ASAP!


  1. Hey girly! I totally know what you mean about bio..it is such a tough subject to study for! But i know you will do amazing! Have a great night! <3

  2. Good luck on your test tomorrow! I hope you make it through those 6 classes! That has gotta suck.

  3. Hey! Good luck on your exam tomorrow! And thanks for the post!! <3

  4. Ohh yes, Joey and his woodchuck puppet. (That is sad that I remember that. Many a morning were spent years ago with full house repeats before school.)

    And your mondays do not sound fun. :( Stay cheery and good luck with your test!

  5. Love the fancy tennis balls!
    I hate it when I don't like something but not enough to throw it away. I hate wasing food so I always end up eating it at some point and then wondering why I am eating something I don't enjoy! Those cookies looked so promising--cute packaging, etc. :(

  6. darn, that sucks that you are only limited to a measly microwave in your dorm! but good luck on your test tomorrow, I'm sure you'll do well, esp since you're fueling yourself with such good eats!

  7. Y0U are S0 sweet. THank you so much for the comment on my blog... It touched me so. X0X0

  8. Good luck on your test! I have a Chem exam today so I feel your pain :( Hopefully we'll kill it!


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