Time for Change

No, no I am not talking presidential. That's a different story! I am talking about Vegetable Pizzas in the dining hall. I got another one tonight for dinner (darn cravings). BUT I promise for the sake of the blog, I will not be having anymore the rest of the week. Plus, the person making them tonight put way too much cheese on and I ended up taking off about half of what was pictured. I love pizza so much, but I dont like them to be piled high with cheese (I would rather that pile be veggies!).....okay enough of that!
Before I left for the gym I ate about 1/2 cup of life cereal because I was a tad bit hungry. I was planning on meeting Alexa at the gym at 6:15; but as I was leaving, I remembered that I had a package to pick up. I thought it was from my mom (she told me she mailed me one a few days back), but I was thoroughly surprised. It was an unexpected package from my STELLAR aunt (who is going to be visiting my family the same time I go home for Spring Break so I will get to see her! yay). Here are the contents. A super cute Coach snowflake keychain (in recognition of my "first snow" here at school a week or so back), a pink Coach mini skinny (so pretty and functional!), a sincere card and 3 boxes of chocolates (2 of which are going to my best buds...Alexa and Kristen!). Thanks again Aunt Susie! You are the BEST!

I am undoubtedly going to have a Motts No Sugar Added Applesauce soon for a sweet ending to the night. Other than that, I am not hungry; but we will see how the night pans out!

I have FDSC tommorrow morning (Kristen and I are always excited for that class! I guess that is why we are majors!). Tommorrow morning we should be getting our test grades back and I think/hope I did well!

Fact of the Day:
Oxalic Acid in foods ties up the Calcium in some foods (like spinach and rhubarb). What a bummer. It's ok, I still love spinach and it's nutritional powerhouse! Rhubarb is another story....

Homework calls! Have a great night everyone!

Edited to add:
Who was I trying to kid!?

It is decadent! I havent had a real chocolate in a long time. It is like a creamy mocha type truffle/caramel thing (sooo descriptive, right?! haha)


  1. Love the Coach items! Your aunt is so sweet!

    Can't wait to get my box of chocolates haha I think we all three deserve them :)
    Yay for Singles Awareness Day... I mean Valentine's Day ;)


  2. Hey girl! How are you? I hate when they put too much cheese on pizza! Totally ruins it!

    What a great gift- so cute! I know that will go to good use!

    Hope your Monday is treating you well!

  3. Interesting fact about the spinach/rhubarb! I didn't know that! Have a good night! <3

  4. Lovely gifts!!

    Interesting fact!!

    Happy Tuesday!!

  5. love the coach items!
    such a good brand.
    im sorry they put too much cheese on the pizza :\
    thats never good.


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